Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Status Quo - Resolutions

Happy 2013!!!!!!

It feels like just yesterday that it was New Year's Eve 1999 and I stayed at home with mom out of fear that theY2K would, in fact, destroy our world.
And I wanted to be with my mommy when that happened.
#numberonedaughterrighthere OR #completefeak #anxietyridden

It's hard to believe it is actually 2013!
But, indeed it is, so let's get to it!

I typically don't like to make New Years Resolutions because I don't believe that any of us really stick to them.
But I'm making some, and making them known...
So I HAVE to stick to them!

Here they are, in no particular order....

--Lose weight/Reach goal
Original, I know!
But I figure since this is the whole reason I started this blog in the first place and I'm already on this journey, I'm not gonna stop now!
Ideally, I like the idea of being in the 130's as my goal.
But when I've been on my weight loss journeys before, it was very hard for me to stay in the 130's, let alone get there.
I look back on pics of me when I was about 140 ponds and in a size 6 and think, "Damn, I look good!"
But at the time that I was actually that size, I still felt like I had a million more pounds to lose.
Screw you, body dysmorphia!
my 140's collage...sorry, hubs for chopping your head off, but this was just to be a shameless selfie anyway!

-- Run a Half Marathon (or two!)

I have yet to register for the Chambersburg Half but I have already started training.
The race is March 10th and I have until March 3rd to sign up.
I'm going to. It's a financial thing at the moment. But I WILL be doing it!
My bestie, Tammie wants to run a Half in 2013 but will be out of the country for the Cburg Half. So I want to do another one in 2013 with her.
Anyone know of any FUN and exciting Halfs in PA or VA maybe in September-ish??

--Find a church and attend regularly
My husband and I used to occasionally and sporadically go to the church literally like right across the road, but honestly, we only ever go anymore if there's a special event going on and we only go then because it's my husband's family's church.
I want to find one I (and hopefully get my husband to go so we) can enjoy going.
And connect with some people our age.

-- Get a blog design by the one and only Hubby Jack
I have been coveting all the sweet ass blog designs he does!
And $50 is certainly not a bad price.
Money is just really tight (that's what she said!) right now.
So, I resolve to save any money I can so I can splurge on a new blog design!
And with that, goes blogging more, sponsoring the lovely Holly for at least a month, and gaining more kickass readers (like yourself!)
And when all that falls into place, I would like to hosts some link-ups and giveaways!

And of course, as cliche (how the hell do I get the little accent thingy over the e?!?!) as this may sound...
I want to strive to be a better me.
Every day. Every year.
A better wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, niece, aunt, cousin, friend, person.
I don't want to take anyone, anything or any day for granted.
I want to be in each and every moment...not worrying about what's gonna happen next.

Don't cry cos it's over...Smile cos 2012 happened!! ;)

Happy 2013, y'all!!!

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