Monday, January 21, 2013


Perhaps my title turned away about 99% of you.
For you 1% still here and willing to "listen"...
I love you.

I am one of the guys.
And I don't hate it.
Don't get me wrong, I can totally be a girl's girl.
But give me sports and beer and I couldn't fit more in.

Just give me a few minutes to discuss the impending Super Bowl.
The Harbowl.
Jim and John Harbaugh are brothers 15 months apart.
Yes, I too, shit in my pants upon hearing the 15 months thing!
Jim Harbaugh coaches the 49ers and his younger brother, John Harbaugh coaches the Baltimore Ravens.
L-R: Jim and John
So yes, folks, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will play each other on February 3, 2013!
(Called, it Mel!!)
And I couldn't be more stoked!
For one, these brothas are pretty fine men!!
For another, I hate the Patriots. There, I said it! So I'm so glad they didn't make it to the Super Bowl again this year!
And for yet another reason...I grew up with my Dad being a 9ers fan.
("9ers" is how the cool kids shorten the Forty-niners!)
So I've always had a soft spot for them.
Hence the reason I'm cheering on the 9ers to take away the WIN!

Now, there's also been talk from some men folk that this is rigged.
Ray Lewis, ILB (Inside Linebacker - read: he's on Defense and tackles people!) for the Baltimore Ravens announced, before the playoffs that he is retiring after this season after 16 years with the Ravens.
(Holy run-on sentence, Batman!)
So therefore, people think it's all rigged so we have a fairy tale ending...a superstar defensive player retiring with a win in the Super Bowl.
While, it all seems a little fishy to me and I, myself have contemplated the validity of games being rigged
(Super Bowl XLIV anyone? Saints vs Colts?!?)
I can't wrap my head around players or coaches willingly being paid off or what have you to lose a game.
So, with that said, I do have an unnerving feeling that the Ravens will win.
But I can't say I feel 100% that it's rigged..I don't know.
Any of you have any thoughts on this?

Now let me move on to how cheering for either team in this game makes me a bad Steelers fan.
Yes, I am a Steelers fan.
(Agree to disagree, please?!?)
Check out how hardcore a fan I am:
Steelers tattoo on my foot
The Steelers and the Ravens are in the same division so we are automatically rivals.
The Steelers are the only team in the NFL to have 6 Super Bowl wins. The 49ers have 5. So if they win this year, they too will have 6.
So either way, Steeler fans across the nation are in a tough spot! ; )
Except this girl.
I have such a soft spot for the 9ers that I'm willing to share the 6 SB title.
(see how sweet I am?!?)

Clearly, I'm boring you, I know.
Now here's the girly part!!
I already have my outfit picked out for the game.
Red pants and my "49ers MVP" shirt - both from Victoria's Secret.
And gold nail polish with only my pointer fingers painted red!!

See, girly girl!

And to totally redeem myself from this post, I have a Bravo/Real Housewves... post set up for tomorrow!!

And hey, maybe you're with the 99% that don't care but you read anyway...thank you.
Now take something you learned here and impress a dude!!


  1. I am still upset my team was beat by the Ravens. However I still read your blog today.. <3 GO 49ers!! =)

  2. My dad is a 9ers fan too :) Go 9ers! And I love your VS outfit for the game, complete with awesome polish!! :)