Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm Gone With The Wind Fabulous

Now twirl...

...more on that in a bit!

Laura and Mel are hosting a workout gear link-up


And this lady really does not have much to contribute.
Which is why I'm pretty stoked to see what all the lovelies out there recommend cos mama needs some new gear and some money to buy it all!!

Here are two items I use and recommend:
These UnderArmor socks do their natural UA thing. But the neon colors just make me so happy to put them on and workout!

These are Adidas compression pants. I'm not trying to endorse Adidas specifically, I'm just saying compression pants are a must cos they keep all my shit in one place and not flapping around!!

I look forward to reading all the linked up posts and getting some new workout gear recommendations!

Now, back to TWIRL...

I know there's gotta be some Bravo fans out there!!
I will watch the Real Housewives of ANY and EVERYWHERE.

Kenya Moore from the Real Housewives of Atlanta was Miss America some 87 years ago.
Shit! I mean Miss USA.
Shit! I mean I really don't remember which one!
(And why is there a difference anyway?!?)
But don't let Miss Kenya know you can't remember her title!

Moving right along, she gets into a heated discussion with another housewife and says one of the best quotes of all times.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this out.
Obviously someone recorded this from their TV, but you get the idea.
(There was an 8 1/2 minute one that I couldn't get to load, so if you don't know what I'm talking about and want the whole scoop, go check that out on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIXNv8ppiDw)
1. She is bat shit crazy
2. This is the most hilarious comment and the twirling and long gown makes it all the more better.
3. Obsessed!!

So, because I'm a BravHo, I also watch "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen and he tells me that Kenya Moore now has a song entitled "Gone With The Wind Fabulous"
Upon first listen to the song, I rolled my eyes like it was nobody's business.
The next night on WWHL she "performed" it live.
Again, a shotty video, but it's the best of all I could find.

While, I hate to make this dumbass broad any more money, I went straight to iTunes to download it.
I am obsessed and it may or may not  have become my turning 30 theme song.


  1. Um those socks are a must have on my list.. Love them. Happy Tuesday and thanks for linking my lovely friend.

  2. 1.) Yay a link up, I'm going to attempt this - pray for me :)

    2.) "Bravo ho" Dyling laughing and I'm right there with you sista! I am OBSESSED. When she did that twirl I almost peed my pants.

    3.) She has a song? Thank goodness she knows her limits and isn't trying to belt out off tune like Kim. Totally downloading that song, Thx!


  3. For some reason I can't get into any of the Housewives Of.. except for Orange County. Love that one but I can never seem to catch it when they're running the reruns in the afternoons. Boo!

    I have a collection of colorful (regular) socks that I love. Cheers me up on a cold, dreary, winter day!

  4. Thanks for linking up with us today!!! And oh my goodness, I'm adding those socks to my list!!!!

  5. okay ... I totally agree on the UA socks! Love them! But I am equally obsessed with Housewives...a few posts ago I wrote gone with the wind fabulous! Hysterical. She is insane! She is a train wreck and I can't stop watching!

    HA! Thanks for giving me a laugh with the video! Love it!

  6. Those are my FAVE socks too!!! Hubs bought me these super fancy ones from a running store that were like $14/pair... But my UA ones are still my fave!!!

  7. I'm getting those socks! I'm a bravo whore too, especially when it comes to the RH. Love them all.....NY is my least.

  8. SWEET JESUS, I looooove this video! My fave part of the whole thing is watching my bff Andy Cohen in the background. Baaahahahaha!!!