Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Faster Rnner

Hey hey, kids!

Super stoked about all the responses we got from our Jillian Michaels challenge!!!
I cannot wait to see all the results!
Gotta put in the work to get 'em!!
It all starts tomorrow, baby!

Running has been basically the only exercise I've been doing since about August of last year.
Add in better eating choices and I'm down about 40 pounds!

Not only do I now want to tone up some things...
...I want more muscles to make me a better and faster runner!!

You see, I have a 5k planned for June 7th.
It's back in my home town in Pennsylvania and my good friend is the creator/coordinator of the event.
It's a flat and fast course so you all know I want to PR the F out of this baby.
I also want to beat a few certain people.

These are the race results form this same race from 2011.
(The 2012 race was canceled due to whatever Hurricane was going through at that time)
Those times I numbered are 6 people that I know personally that I would LOVE to beat!
Not because I don't like them!
They're all really, REALLY great people!!
(Numbers 2 and 3 were super supportive and encouraging in my first half mary journey)
They're also all runners/skinny/in shape folks.
(Ok, and Number 1 is an ex-boo of mine. Can you blame me for wanting him to eat my dust?!?)

I feel that I've worked hard to lose this weight and to accomplish all that I have through running.
And to beat any of those people and their times would be the icing on the cake
(Mmmmm... Cake!)

Is that Prideful? Rude? Mean? Ridiculous?
But it's honest.

I know they say it over and over again,
"Don't compare your time to others..."
"Your time is your time..."

But does it hurt to have a little motivation?!?
I don't want to compete with these times to say I'm a better runner.

I want to compete with these times for my own personal accomplishments.
I want to compete with these times to say look how far I've come!
Look how hard work and dedication pays off.

I also saw that these were the top two times at this race in 2011 for my age group 30-39

(They only award the top 2 in each group)
And while I don't know if those kinds of time are obtainable for me,
I know I want to live free or die hard trying.
(oh, and just so we're clear, I'm looking at the 24 minute time. This bia ain't crazy in thinking she can even get anywhere near that 20 minutes.)

So, in conjunction with working that muscle with Ms. Michaels, I will also be incorporating speed training into my May workout schedule.
Thursdays will be strictly speed training day.

I've Googled some speed training techniques and tips and found some helpful sites.
You can check those out here, here and here if you're interested. (thanks, Marcia for that last one!)

I found that first article to be the most informative and helpful, so I plan to kind of use that as my basis. 
I plan to start out with the Fartlek method.
"Fartlek?!?"  - This is Swedish for "speed play" and is essentially a series of faster pickups with a recovery interval in between. (Wording directly taken from link posted.)

What really stuck out to me in this article in regards to the Fartlek training was this:
"A mix of short, fast running and longer, steady stretches will tap into your anaerobic system and increase your aerobic capacity, thus improving your ability to maintain a faster pace."

My plan for this Thursday is to warm up with a 0.5 - 1 mile jog. Then work on 1 minute sprinting/fast pickups, recovery time of 2 minute jogging followed by 5 minute fast, steady pace, 2 minute recovery time...and repeat these intervals for 2 - 3 miles. Then end with a half mile cool down jog.

My plan right now is to use this Fartlek method along with some basic track training for these next 6 weeks before the race.

If any of you have played around with speed training work and swear by a particular method, drill, technique, I'd love to hear!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 29, 2013


Oh Em Geeeeee!
I am excited to tell y'all something!!

Last Wednesday, I posted my "Woe is me and my lack of dedication/motivation to lift weights and tone, I guess I'll go eat worms" story.
I made the comment, "I do own a copy of the 30 Day Shred, so I think I may just need to buckle down and pull that bad boy out again..."
...knowing full well I was dragging my feet and that that probably wouldn't happen.

Well I was blasted by solidarity from Meredith, then Kate, then Kara...all saying,
"Hey, I'll do it with you. I'll keep you accountable!"
Long story short, a lot of emails were passed around and Team KLM is issuing a challenge!
(Team KLM: Kyra, Kara, Kate, Kristie, Kassie, Leigh Ann, and Meredith)

May Meltdown with Ms. Michaels


Most of you know that Operation Red Bikini is RIGHT around the corner.


We've all pushed ourselves to this point.
And we're entering the home stretch, we're in the birth canal, the light at the end of the tunnel, the final countdown...

It's time to Go Big or go home.
Only going home is not an option.
So who better to GO BIG with than Jillian Michaels?!?

For the month of May, we want to challenge you to pick your poison Jillian Michaels workout DVD of choice and commit to GOing BIG with it.
Whatever that looks like for you...
Doing it every day for the month of May.
Doing it 5-6 times a week for the month of May.
Doing 2 of her DVDs simultaneously.
Upping the El Bees on those free weights you use to do a JM workout.
Sweating at least 5 buckets full because you've kicked that much ass during that workout.
Yelling at Jillian Michaels cause she can't keep up with YOU. 

Whatever suits you and your schedule.
But Challenge yourself.
Push yourself.
Go Big.
Go Hard.
Show JM what you got.
ORB, baby!

My personal fave (aka the only one I own) is the 30 Day Shred.
My goal is to do this Jillian Michaels work out DVD EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. in the month of May!
And I'll be upping my free weights to 8 pounders. (Thanks again, Meredith!!)

Every Friday in the month of May, we'll do a link-up so we can all check in to see how everyone is doing in this last ditch effort to ORB and to keep each other accountable and encouraged!

B&A's aren't mandatory but are totally welcome!
It really is a great way to see your progress when you stick to something and put in the time.
And we blog womens LOVE us some B&A's!!

So join us in making this last month really count!
Put in the time and get those results!
Grab that button and link up with us every Friday in May.
And don't forget to blast all your efforts in this challenge on Instagram with #4MChallenge.

And tell Jillian Michaels to BRING IT!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Is This Thing On?

It's official!!
I met one of my BBFs IRL!

(Side note...My IRL BBF asked me a very legit question. How does one pronounce my name? I never thought to give y'all the correct pronunciation...considering it's been a topic of contention my whole life!
My name rhymes with pier...you know the thing at a beach...and add an "uh" at the end.
Or try rhyming it with "mirror" only exchange the "er" at the end with an "uh"
Or you can just watch this awkward as hell video of me pronouncing it real quick-like

Mind blown, right?!?)

Anyway...back to my IRL BBF

Meredith over at Is This Thing On? and her family were on "vacation" just an hour and a half south of where I live.
So Royce and I drove our happy little tails down yonder!

And we are so glad we did!!

Meredith was just as sweet and pretty as you would already assume!!
She greeted me right away with a hug, then Starbucks, then a gift!!!
And all I had to offer were some chocolate chip Teddy Grahams for Zoey!!

Homegirl is so thoughtful and generous...and it's genuine!
She has such a giving heart!
I had mentioned in my blog post on Wedensday that all I had were some 3-pound free weights...
So Meredith got me some 8-pounders!
No excuses now! ;)

We sat and chatted while the bambinos played in the play area at the mall.
Royce only hit about 5 or 6 kids and only escaped the play area about 300 times!
But we still managed to have a nice conversation!
There was never an awkward moment nor a lull in conversation.

After the kids exerted some energy while the mamas drank their energy we took a ride on the little train that drives around a small area of the mall.
$2 per person for a 2 second train ride?!? Totally worth it!! :)
The 5 of us crammed in one of the train cars and I'm bummed there's no picture documentation of that sight.
But, I think Royce and Zoey had a nice first date!

We then headed to the children's section of Barnes & Nobles for a play area change of scenery.
The kids were all so cute looking at the books and such.
And gave us even more time to chit chat!
And Savannah told us all about Pete the Cat.

Lunch time came and so did my number 1 chicken sandwich combo from Chik-Fil-A!
The kids stuffed their faces while we talked some more in between stuffing our faces.
And sadly...all good things must come to an end.
But not before getting in a mini-carousel ride!

We had a great time!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

First off, I posted this movement on IG (@kbeavtann) last week and thought it was a great idea!

And here are my 26.2 miles dedicated to you, Boston!

Dedicate your next 26.2 miles and always...Run for Boston!!

And back to it...

I've said it before, I'll say it again!
I ALWAYS seem to plateau at the same last number.
182 wouldn't budge.
172 loved me.
162 was around all through the holidays.
and 152 has lingered around since completing the Advocare cleanse in mid March.

Now let's be honest...
I haven't gotten below 152 for over a month because I have eaten whatever the hell I've wanted to!
Thank God I've been running or I may be closer to the 160's again.
But I've got to reign it back in!

This means eating more but eating cleaner!
Every time I've plateaued before, I upped my calories.
My plan of action is to eat the 1500 calories I'm allotted on MFP as well as eating about half of my workout calories back. (A la Skinny Meg)
My goal is to be in the 140's by the end of April! (And by "140's" I clearly mean 149!!)

I also want to start lifting.
Or working on my legs and arms.
I've taken some of the workouts that Skinny Meg and Mama Laughlin have posted and do them every Sunday.
I don't have a gym membership and the heaviest free weights I own are 3 pounders.
(I know...how I'm not ripped already after doing 1 rep with those 3 pounders is beyond me as well!)
I also don't have extra money at this point in time to go buy some heavier free weights.
So, I'm making do with what I currently have.
Which isn't much, but I'm getting super jealous of seeing all these lovely ladies and their amazing results they're getting with concentrated exercises on their arms and legs.
I do own a copy of the 30 Day Shred, so I think I may just need to buckle down and pull that bad boy out again.
At least that gives me a regimented plan in the direction of toning up some of the flub!

So, I need to hone in on really working and toning my arms specifically and amp up some squats and lunges.
And I need to do this more than just 1 day a week.
And I need a friend personal trainer-like person to come to my house to kick my ass for me and make me do all of this.
I need an Elle Noel or Skinny Meg in my life!

I also want to increase my speed when it comes to running.
For awhile I was seeing average paces like this.

Since my H.A.F. and especially since my 10k just a week and a half ago, I'm seeing more paces like this.

Perhaps my crappy eating is attributing to this.
But I don't like what I'm seeing.
I really started priding myself in running an average sub 9-minute mile.

I have a 5k in June that is a fairly flat and easy course that I want to PR all over.
Like under 26 minutes. (VERY wishful thinking is more like under 25 minutes...)
I plan to really concentrate on speed training.
And by "speed training", I mean, run at a comfortable pace for half a mile, then sprint/run hard the next half mile and so on and so forth for 3 miles worth.
I've also done these treadmill intervals.

I need to research more of how to amp up my speed.
Any of you beauts out there have any speed training suggestions??

To end today, I want to make you all very, very jealous....
In 24 hours I will be hanging out with this little lady
 And her sweet little beauties!
(Stalking your IG pics, much?!?!)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Color Me Rad

Why hello there.
It is I, Kyra, writer of this blog.

I don't know what's gotten in to me.
I just said "F you" to social media for the past couple of days.
And not because I was pissed off at anything someone posted.
Although some people do annoy the shit out of me with their postings. #facebookhater
I just didn't feel like checking in...on blogs, on emails, on FB...even on IG!! (Gasp!! Say it ain't so!!)

So I didn't.

I would like to say thanks to all of you that commented on my post from last Tuesday in regards to my thoughts and feelings on the Boston Marathon. While my thoughts were a mess and my emotions all over, I enjoyed reading your sweet, understanding and like-minded comments. 

So, today, I'm posting.
Tomorrow, no guarantees!

On Saturday, Royce and I did the Color Me Rad 5k.
2 of my gal pals joined us and we had a blast!

Who doesn't love a good B&A?!?!

I pushed Royce in his stroller and threw a sheet over him when we went through the color spots..
But the color throwers were very respectful and didn't go all out on the lady with a baby.
We both rocked our homemade #BostonStrong shirts!
Next time, I think I'd like us both to be a little more colorful!!

We walked the entire thing. And just laughed and talked!
Bam!! Look at that time!
It was Royce's first ever 5k so at least somebody PR'd!

And that's all for today, folks!
Short and sweet just like me!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Running is a Luxury

I am still in a state of shock from yesterday's news coming out of Boston.
I can't tear myself away from the TV.
I have been bawling my eyes out and gasping for breath between sobs.
My tears are filled with deep sadness and pure raw anger.

At one point my son thought it was hysterical that mommy was sobbing.
I thanked God for him being so innocent.
Of not being at an age to understand that the world we live in is cruel.
But he'll learn that all too soon!

As I watched the footage over and over again I kept looking at that finish line.
I kept watching those runners that were almost to that finish line.
Those runners that were about to accomplish something many others don't, won't, or can't even attempt in their lifetime.
Those runners that had that joy and pride and sense of accomplishment that they should have felt after crossing that finish line ripped away from them in an instant.
And instead was replaced by fear, sadness and anger.

It took me back to training for my half.
With every long run that came every week I felt sheer pride in another mile...another accomplishment.
I couldn't wait for race day to get here.
I was so emotional that week leading up to it.
Just thinking about the finish.
How proud I would feel after I had completed it.

And knowing that these great emotions weren't the case for those runners is what really got to me.
Knowing all the hard work and effort and time they put into training for this huge event.
To be taken away in an instant by some sick and selfish individual(s).
I was devastated for them and outraged at the same time.

And then I kept thinking about the spectators.
Of course, everything is so up in the air since it just happened.
And I'm not here to shout a bunch of hearsay I heard on the news, but one report mentioned that none of those 150 injured and 3 dead were runners.
Whether that is 100% accurate or not, truth be told that a vast majority of the victims were spectators.
People there watching and waiting for their loved ones, friends, and complete strangers to cross that monumental finish line.
People that were there to encourage and support and cheer on these runners.

If I could or would have a chance to be a spectator at the Boston Marathon, you better believe I would be there at the finish line watching those champions cross.
I was in Hawaii one year while the Ironman Triatholon was taking place.
I was a volunteer and got to stand as "security" right at the finish line when the first athletes were coming through.
It was one of the neatest experiences of my life that I will never forget.
I was filled with such encouragement and awe of those athletes.

I can guarantee that those spectators yesterday felt the same excitement, encouragement and awe as each runner neared and crossed that finish line.

And in an instant, all that was gone.
This experience for runners and spectators alike was to be one of great happiness and success.
And all that is lost.

As a runner, I am devastated.
I know as a people, as a nation, we are all devastated.
But this one really hits my heart.
In knowing all the emotions that go into this kind of event.
...both as a runner and a spectator.

Many running groups have asked that we all stand in support of this and wear a race shirt today.
I've got mine on from my race this past Saturday.
Wear one of yours with pride today.
And every day.

At my race on Saturday, I saw a couple spectators in wheelchairs watching along the course.
My heart ached as I ran past them.
As I ran past them with my 2 working legs.
My thought right then and there was "Running is a Luxury".

As I walked back along the race course on Saturday, I saw quite a few seeing impaired people with walking sticks walking in the race.
I cheered super loud to let them know I was in awe of them.
Running is a Luxury.

Yes, Running is a great form of exercise.
Running is a way for me to clear my head.
Running gives me a sense of accomplishment.
Running is what I love.
But not everyone can or has the capability to run.

It is with that knowledge that I am truly grateful for my running ability.
With that knowledge that I will continue to run...but for those that can't.
And with that knowledge, never forgetting that Running is a Luxury.

Sometimes all I know to do is Run.
Sometimes all I know to do is Pray.
Run and Pray, my friends. Run and Pray.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wasn't it just last Monday?!?!

Why, hello there, smack-dab middle of April!
Where the eff did you come from?!?

Another weekend has come and gone.
And this one was a delightful one!

Friday afternoon, I traveled an hour and a half north with my sweet little family to Richmond, VA.
We met up with my mom who traveled 3 plus hours down to meet us in Richmond to watch me in the race/spend the weekend with us!
We checked into our hotel and off to the expo to pick up my bib and race swag.
This place was a cluster F from the driving/parking to the facility itself.
It was hot as balls in the building which makes for a cranky as shit pleasant husband!

I wanted to peruse every possible vendor but there were so many people and it was hot.
Not to mention our ever-moving 18 month old who wanted nothing to do with being in his stroller.
And did I mention my husband was cranky?

I was on a mission for some Bondi Bands so I knew that was a definite stop.
I found the table no problem.
Perhaps the mountains of bands on a table made it stand out.
But that also made it hard to find the ones I was looking for!
I'm super indecisive so I know I was at the table for awhile.
Which made my husband all the more merry!
But I finally managed to pick these 3:

We finally got out of there and had a nice carbolicious meal at Panera Bread.
Back at the hotel, it was time to unwind.
And spend an hour plus getting Royce to sleep.
Then another 2 hours for me to fall asleep.
Only to be woken up an hour later by my sweet little baby.
I may have slept from 2am-6am.
(Not to mention my poor mom that paid for our hotel room got kicked out of the bed to the hotel floor by her sweet little grandson who just wasn't happy until he was in the bed with his mommy)

Our alarm went off bright and early.
I was tired.
But I was more excited for the race so that exhaustion would just have to take a back seat.

We got breakfast and walked the 2 miles from our hotel to the starting line.
(Nice little warm up!)
There were thousands of people there.
(32,000 runners to be exact...ish)
Music pumping.
I was getting excited!
I said goodbye to my mom, husband and baby and went to get into my corral.
(Wave M for Move the eff over, I'm coming through!)

As each wave set off, we got closer to the starting line.
The music. The vibes. The energy. was intoxicating!
I was surrounded by people, not knowing a sole and dancing my ass off.
I was amped!!

Finally it was my turn to go.
And "go", I did!
Miles 1-3 went by super fast and felt a breeze!
My legs felt so good.
I hit the half way mark and knew a text would be sent to my husband letting him know where I was in the race. #awesomeracefeature

There were so many spectators just a-yellin' those encouragements!
It felt so good.
I may or may not have seen people on the side handing out free RVA (Richmond, VA) stickers and cut across specifically to get one.

I may or may not have stayed on the outside to high five all those cute little kiddos anxiously holding their hands out! 
I was enjoying this race so much!

Miles 4 -6 were kind of tough.
My pace slowed a tad and my legs were starting to get heavy.
But the adrenaline from so many people and wanting that PR kept me going!
Strong to the end!

When I stopped my Map My Run app I saw this:
I was stoked that it was not only under my PR hopes of 55 minutes, but it was under 54 minutes!

Well, apparently I should have paid less attention to stopping this at exactly 6.2 miles
(cos 6.2 per my app was actually at the 6 mile marker on the race course)
And paid more attention to upping my speed just a tad more at those last 2 tenths of a mile cos this was my official race time:


4 stupid seconds over my goal!

Now, let me get this straight.
That is a great time!!
I'm 100% proud of that time.
Under an hour, eff to the yeah!!

But, I'm a numbers person.
To an OCD-ish tendency... 
(Anyone remember where I said I had to stop my app at exactly 6.2 even though I hadn't actually finished the course that I was currently in the middle of running?!?! Point proven.)

While proud of knowing I did great, I was bummed that I don't have a completely accurate account of how I'm actually doing.
My phone app uses GPS to asses the mileage.
It's not going to be 100% accurate.
But I want to know exactly how I'm doing.
I want to know what I'm capable of doing in an actual race...
...what times I'm capable of beating in an actual race. 

I over analyze to a fault.
I need to know what to expect going into any situation. 
I have control issues.
But that's another post for another day. 

After we hung around the post race festival for a little bit, we headed back along the race course for the 2-mile trek to our hotel. 
This was a total highlight of this event for me, because I got to cheer on the runners/walkers still doing the race.
I loved shouting out mad encouragement to them!
...letting them know "You're doing great!"
"Keep going!"
"You can do this!"
"Looking good!"
The appreciation in their smiles back were like a runner's high for me.
I felt some of them looked at me after hearing my encouragement and seeing my bib number, thought "Hey, she did it. She finished. I can too.
It was either that or "Stupid bitch. I hate you for already being done."
Either way, GO GET 'EM, TIGERS was what I was thinking!

But the real award goes to this guy right here!

 "I need more cowbell!"

He was such a trooper my mom and husband said.
Didn't give them too much hell having limited space to run all around.
He's my biggest fan and my biggest encourager!
(With a close second being my husband and mom! THANK YOU for being there to support me!)

 Helping mama refuel post race!

And next week, he'll by my race buddy (along with some kick ass friends) in the Color Me Rad 5k this coming Saturday!  
And don't worry...
This race is for pure fun!
We'll probably walk the whole thing.
So no "woe is me and my time" post next Monday!  

Now y'all get out there on this Monday and...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Lazy Weekend and a Liebster

Well well Monday, we meet again!

I thought I'd share with y'all just a few of the happenings going on 'round these parts...

I have my 10k this coming Saturday and I've been throwing out that I want a PR!
I'm shooting for under 55 minutes.
This past Saturday, I went out and did this
Come on race day!!

That's basically the only time I left my house this weekend.
On the real!
We played outside a good bit. (Can I get an A-freaking-men for warmer weather!!)
The "finger paint" is completely edible! Just vanilla pudding and food coloring.

But yeah, we went nowhere and I was A-ok with that!

Oooh, I also purchased my Operation Red Bikini bathing suit.

Well, hopefully...
If you remember, I already struck out once with a possible ORB option.
So, let's try lucky number 2?!?

It's from Victoria's Secret.
I had a "Secret Reward" card from them that ended up being worth $50.
(Holla for a Dollar!! I only ever get the $10 ones from them so this one was a treat!!)
It's got a sweet lace-like detail to it.
And I'm obsessed with lace at the moment!
The color is called "Aqua Glass/Tangerine" which translates to Mint/Coral in my book.
And I'm obsessed with those colors at the moment!
And, I feel the lace-up detail in the back is kind of sexy so this makes it mama's sexified one piece!
Oh, and I'm obsessed with lacing up my running shoes at the moment!
So, this suit was practically made for me.
Although, it said it wouldn't ship until June 18th.
So, I guess it was made for everyone else as well...
Here's hoping it comes in sooner and that it looks fabulous!!

The gorgeous and sweet Meredith over at My Own Little World nominated me for a Liebster! 
For the longest time Meredith looked so familiar to me...
Then it hit me who she looked like....
Brad Goreski from "It's a Brad Brad World" assistant, Lindsay
Both are totes adorable!! 
Anyway...here are my answers to Meredith's questions!

1. Where were you born and raised? Chambersburg, PA. I was dying to leave when I was 22 and now I'm dying to move back!! It's a great little town and I didn't realize or appreciate that when I was younger!!
2. Any siblings? Birth order? 2!! An older sister, Shannon (<-- check out her blog!!) and a younger brother, Kellen. (Can I get a "heeeeeey" from all my middle child peeps. Wassup?!?) They're seriously 2 of my best friends!! We are super close and I love it! 

3. Do you drink alcohol? What kind do you prefer? I do. But it's usually few and far between these days. And that is primarily due to the calories! Oh, and cos I'm old as Eff and throw up every.single.time. I'm typically a beer whore girl, with an occasional wine for when I'm feeling classy! But, for when I'm feeling sassy, I've been known to order a Gin and Tonic or Malibu and Cranberry! (that's a total sissy drink, but totally tasty!)

4. What is your religion? Christian
5. Do you have any pets? Nope! Husband doesn't want any and I can't deal when they die. I do really really want a chocolate lab some time in my life. I'd much rather rescue one that's older rather than start off with a puppy.

6. Are you an earlybird or night owl? Earlybird with coffee!!

7. What is your favorite item of clothing? Probably my American Eagle jeans. I don't remember the last time I bought a pair from there cos they have seriously lasted me years and years and years! Yes, even through all the years of up and down with my weight. I've got pairs from there from a size 6 - 12. I just love the way they fit me!

8. Do you have a celebrity "free pass?" LUKE BRYAN!!! ...in case you missed this post!

9. What is your occupation? Medical Billing - exciting, no?!? But I actually am really happy with my current occupation situation! I only go into the office 2 days a week and work from home the rest. Love being with my baby so much!!

10. Where is your favorite vacation spot? Hmmm, probably Nags Head, North Carolina! It's a lovely beach area that never gets overcrowded and there's no commercialized boardwalk. It's all beach houses and hotels but there's plenty to do all along the main strip of road that goes along the beach. I've been to many spots/areas in Nags Head and I've loved every single area!

11. What is your original hair color? What you see is what you get!! I don't dye my hair. I know I won't take the time nor have the money to keep up with it like it should be! But I always covet a dark caramel chocolate color for fall time! and I'm really intrigued by ombre hair...

Friday, April 5, 2013


Hey y'all hey!
It's Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I should be working, but I'm too busy checking out the vendors that will be at the Expo for my 10k next Saturday!!

All the races I've done up to this point have been on a smaller scale.
I am BEYOND excited that this race has an Expo!!
I may or may not spend my entire (next) Friday afternoon there.

Check out the full list of vendors like you care here and scroll down!
And allow me to just highlight on a few I'm SOOOO incredibly excited about!

Bondi Bands
Oh Em Geeeeeee!!!
I just recently started seeing these bands and upon first observation I didn't get their point.
Common sense much, Kyra?!?!
But now that it's getting warmer (Thank you, Sweet Jesus!) my sweat be drippin in my eyes and that shiz BURNS!! (<-- Sounds like the start of a good rap song, no?!?)
Now, my current #firstworldproblems for Miss Indecisive herself is picking one out!
At $8.00 a pop, I'll definitely be getting at least 2.
But I can't decide which I love most.
Here are a few hundred of my top picks!
 This one is probably a definite!!

Then I can't decide from these 8!
 I love saying "suck it up" and I love cupcakes.
A tiara?!?! Seriously, that's priceless!
The last 2 I just really really dig!
 "13.1 only half crazy"...perfection!
The Union Jack flag....my grandparents are British, so I'm a sucker for a union jack.
I think the last 2 are cute...they're not front runners.

Tell me your fave(s), loves!!
I need help/support/guidance in making decisions!
(my husband LOVES this about me!!)

My plan here is to schmooze with the reps and pray, plead, beg throw out that I have a blog and have been known to sing Brooks' praise!!
Please, Mr. Representative, send me anything, I'll love it, review it, and sell the shit out of it!!

And here are a few vendors I don't know much about but want to check out to get a better idea!
Hippie Runner (they have forehead headbands too, and cheaper than Bondi Bands...$7 a pop...but less of a selection)
ifitness Inc.
Martin's (a local grocery store in Richmond, VA...hello?!? I'll take coupons!)
OrthoVirginia (let's talk injury, folks!)
Richmond Flying Squirrels (cheap ticket hookup, perhaps for the local very minor league baseball team??)
Richmond Road Runner's Club (sure I'd love to be in the know of all Richmond races!)
Spinal Correction (what can you do for my hips?!?)
Subway (um, duh?!?!?!?)
The Luekemia & Lymphoma Society (my little cousin is a Leukemia SURVIVOR and I want to hear what these people are about!!)
Yurbuds Sport Earphones

Also, I can't forget all my favorite fine females that are doing the GO! Half Marathon in STL.
To say there are a few of us that are TOTES jealous that we can't be there is the understatment of the year!
If you don't, follow them on Instagram to wish them extra EXTRA love and luck this Sunday!!
Holly (@hollystanfield)
Mel (@missmel_joy)
Kim (@kbgilmore3)
Laura (@walkinginmemphishighheels)
Marcia (@yeartwentynine)
Meredith (@mereyrae)
Lora (@mrsloyoung)
Courtney (@courtnorm)
I hope I didn't miss anyone!!
Have a blast, y'all I really really REALLY wish I could be there to run it too!

Have a Fantastic Friday, y'all!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

[It's about time for] An Easter Recap

Yes, I know I'm a little late to the Easter recapping party.
But I wanted to have my baby boy's 2nd Easter documented somewhere, so "better late than never"!
(man, I hate cliche sayings!!)

The 2013 Easter Hoilday started off with a trip to see the Easter Bunny himself on Thursday (March 28) night.
When we first got there there was no line whatsoever (Hallelujer!!!)
Royce ran over to the bunny and waved to him, showed him his ball and even touched his furry paw
I was amazed by how seamless this was going.
Until I placed Royce on Mr. Bunny's lap.
He immediately started reaching out for me and eventually went to crying.
But we managed to get a semi-decent one out of it!
Good thing Royce had his "a ball" there to comfort him!
If you follow me on Instagram (@kbeavtann) you saw my post about Royce's 'security blanket' being "a ball"
You'll see exactly what I mean about this in the rest of the pics too!

Friday night, we dyed Easter eggs.
We always dyed eggs for Easter when I was growing up.
It's one of my favorite memories/tradition.
Even to this very day, if we're at my mom's for Easter, we dye eggs.
And that's not because myself and my siblings all have kids of our own now.
Seriously, if none of us had kids, we would still dye Easter eggs with our mom!
Anyway, Royce wasn't super impressed which explains why we only dyed 8 eggs!
He'll get there!

Saturday we went to an Easter egg hunt that my mother-in-law does for her church.
It was a gorgeous day.
We were actually there from 3 in the afternoon to about 9 at night.
They did an egg hunt for the younger kids at 3, then we had hot dogs and what not for dinner and when it got dark, the bigger kids did a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt!
Royce could care less about the eggs.
He had "a ball" in each hand so ain't nobody got time fo picking up Easter eggs!
At the Easter egg hunt on Saturday (#chicksdigme) on the left and in his Easter Sunday best on the right!

Sunday, we woke up and opened Royce's Easter basket at our house.
He got lots of candy, a book with different farm animals that have the animal "fur" to feel (he LOVES those books!), Mickey Mouse swim trunks and a Mickey Mouse tool box set.

We then went across the street to my in-laws for breakfast and to get Royce's Easter swag from them.
My SIL got me these 2 workout shirts. (Easter Bunny loves getting Kyra some workout/running swag!)

I call what I wore to breakfast at the in-laws "Easter Comfy Chic".
But I decided it best to change to "Easter Pretty Chic" for church!

And just one last montage of other fun little Easter goodness...
I made that bunny bag moments before Royce's Easter egg hunt on Saturday.
While Royce was napping, I was catching up on reading my sister's crafty blog and came across this how-to post and constructed that cute little bag!

My in-laws bought some baby chicks!
When Royce looks in the box he starts barking at them....every animal is a dog to him!

And Royce got an Easter Bunny Mickey Mouse from his Aunt Rebecca.
I think I'm more excited about it than Royce is.
But tell me it's not super adorable!! (Especially when your son is addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!)

All in all, it was a beautiful holiday with my beautiful family celebrating our beautiful Risen Savior!