Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm 30!!!!!!!! so 30 in 30!

I'm 30!!!!
I like to kick, stretch, and KICK!!!
I'm 30!!!!

Ok, so I know this is 50, but I think it applies to I'm 30!!!!!! too.

I stole this idea from the lovely Darci. I'm coming to ya with 30 things I want to do/complete in my 30th year.
And I'll do my very best to update y'all on my progress.
In no particular order...

1. Wear the coveted mint skinny jeans and look damn fine!

2. Run my first half marathon (maybe even throw in a second this year!)

3. Host a giveaway on the old blogger-roo

4. Go to a taping of the Ellen Degeneres show

5. Run 3 - 5 5Ks

6. Run 2 10Ks

7. Sit down at the dinner table for dinner with my family

8.Take an awesome vacation this summer

9. Find a church to attend

10. Host a linkup on the blog

11. Clean my house more often. (And I will embarrass myself by saying at least once a week! Gah!!!)

12. Do a family fun night outting once a month

13. Reach 100 followers

14. Purge my closet and sell and/or donate some clothes.

15. Get to 140 ELLE BEES

16. Arrange more play dates for Royce (cos their also for mommy!)

17. Make more of an effort to make friends here.

18. Get the hubs to finish the laundry room. (Yes, getting my husband to do something for me constitutes as me completing a task!)

19. Take a trip with my "Fab 5" - a group of my girlfriends from back home...there's 5 of us if you couldn't tell!

20. Create more stuff pinned on Pinterest (recipes, mommy/kid ideas, crafty gift ideas)

21. Meet some of you fabulous blogger ladies in the real world!!

22. Get caught up on my DVR

23. Create a must-see movie list and start renting to have movie night with my husband when the bambino is in bed at least twice a month

24. Put money in our Christmas Club account

25. Bust my ass to pay off stupid credit card bills

26. Have another baby (eek, I better get to hopping on this one...literally! ;) ) - or at least get pregnant again in this year!

27. Take more pictures of life

28. Rock a sexy bathing suit this summer

29. Bat the guys off with a stick with my MILF status

30. Be in each and every moment.

And there you have it, folks!!
Glad to have each and every one of you in this year!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weigh-In Wednseday - Plateau Queen


Ahh yes, plateauing at its finest.
I don't mean to brag, but I am GREAT at plateauing.
Probably the best around.
I said it.

Weighed in at 160 this morning.
It's something about the lower numbers in each of the groups of 10.
Plateaued at 182 for awhile.
Then plateaued at 172 for over a month!
And now, my body is currently liking the idea of lingering around 160-162.

But, I'm learning to accept how I feel and look and while I'm still striving to get lower, I'm really starting to like what I see in the mirror.
I had a deadline of wanting to be 155 by tomorrow.
Um, duh?!?!
That won't be happening!
Especially since I have a ribbon cutting ceremony to attend this afternoon with "light refreshments and cake"
(oh, you better believe my inner fat girl is doing the Pam dance on Biggest Loser! "Light refreshments" means yummy-tasting unhealthy stuff, and IFG - inner fat girl - goes crazy on some light refreshments.)
And I have a birthday dinner at my in-laws tonight.
So I'm not even getting near a scale tomorrow.

And if I can still manage to weigh in next Wednesday at 160-162 I'll be stoked.
Cos starting tomorrow I see fried pickles, Starbucks, Chipotle, party food, Super Bowl party food and lots of Sheetz in my extended weekend.
Oh, and can't forget a 10 mile run on Saturday!

So, if that's not enough to make y'all bishes come back next Wednesday to see how much I've gained I fair on the scale, I'll be sure to post the pics of my hot ass 30 year old self in the coveted mint skinny jeans

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday Wish List

OMG!! Would this girl shut up about her birthday already?!?!?!?

Is it sad if I want all my family and friends and people I don't even know to make it rain on me for my birthday?
I'm talking dolla dolla bills, y'all!!
And purely just for the fact that I want to sign up for some races and buy more running gear ...that's where the "is it sad...?" part comes in.

On second thought, that question is totally rhetorical.
No need to answer!

It's totally true, though!!
I've started compiling a list of races I want to do this year and so far, if I ran them all that alone would cost me $275 dollars.
Here's the list thus far:
1. Richmond Love Rox 10K   (Feb.16)
2. Chambersburg Half Marathon (Mar.9) or VA Beach Shamrock Half Marathon (Mar.17)
3. Monument 10K  (Apr.13)
4. Richmond Color Me Rad 5K  (Apr.20)
5. Race Against Poverty 5K  (June.7)
6. Richmond Color Run 5K (Sept.14) - this one's already paid for Hollerrrrr!
7. Hershey Half Marathon  (Oct.20)

And not to mention some sweet new running gear and accessories I've been obsessively coveting!
Here's just a "few"...   
  I love both of these shirts from Ruffles with Love

  Bic Bands are a must!

I need more compression pants in my life!!
These are both from Old Navy
their relatively cheap and I've heard good things about them.
Whatever compression pants are clever...I'm in!
A water hip belt. Cos lezzzzzzbehonest, I'm a water whore when I run.

And I'm gonna need some new running shoes sooner than later
Ain't nobody got time for injuries with inadequate running shoes!

So there you have it, folks...
Care to join me in a little money rain dance?!?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Re-cap

Seriously! I know it's the age-old question, but how is it that the weekends go by so fast?!?

Friday, it snowed!!
But not horribly enough to keep us from our plans.
Friday night we got together with some of my in-laws good friends from out of town.
Homegirl indulged in a Rum and Diet Coke and a beer.
I wanted that tipsy feeling, but also knew I had to run 9 miles on Saturday so didn't want to go too overboard...
Needless to say those 2 drinks did nothing for me.

Saturday, I got in some snuggles with my little man
Then went out to run some errands.
I had a coupon and $10 off an item at Peebles.
I so badly wanted to find some compression pants, but notta single one.
(I HATE Peebles!! They never freaken have anything I go in looking for. Bitches.)
But, I did decide to get this Nike Dri-Fit shirt
After my coupons, I only spent $5 on it!

Soon after getting home, I went for my scheduled 9-mile run.
I would say this was my best run-to-date.
I never felt like I got even remotely tired.
I ate a little more than half one of those pouches of Sport Beans 30 minutes prior to my run.
At about mile 4.5 I stopped to walk so I could eat some more and apply some more chapstick.
(I'm a terrible mouth breather during my runs! I know you're supposed to breathe in through your nose and out your mouth, but I feel like I don't get enough air when I do that. So, needless to say, my lips get dry and I drink a whole 60-70 ounces of water from my camel back during a long run.)
After the run, I ate the remaining Sport Beans.
I don't know if it was the Sport Beans giving me energy that I felt on top of the world for this run or if the fact that my favorite number is 9 and that got me through...
Whichever, I LOVED this run!

Got back, stretched like a mother and took a hot bath!
And spent the rest of the day hanging out with my guys!

Sunday, I woke up at 8:30 and the bambino was still asleep.
He's normally always up between 6:30 - 7 am.
So I got up and enjoyed my coffee alone before Royce finally woke up at 9.
And I had to brag about it on Instagram (@kbeavtann) and Facebook!
I still can't believe this actually happened!

Sundays are supposed to be cross-training days in my Half Marathon training plan, so I did Level 3 of 30 Day Shred...TWICE 
In my best Rick Flair, "Whew!"

Twas a low-key weekend and I loved it!
Now here's hoping this week flies by so Thursday ;) and the weekend get here ASAP!!

Toodle-loo hotties!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Hubs is one lucky dude

Ahh, yes, the famous SAHM mom post about how her style has gone down the shitter.

Totes stole this from Meredith
Dammit if that ain't the truth!!

I work, part time, from home but go into the office on Tuesdays.
And let me tell you I DO IT UP on a Tuesday!!
Since I am now starting to fit back into my cute clothes, I go all out fashion show style on a Tuesday!
(And because I'm not a stellar blogger in the way of pictures I cannot insert montage of Tuesday work outfits right here. Dammit, Kyra!!)
It's like because I'm such a disgusting slob every other day of the week who only showers about every other day I use Tuesday as my redemption day.
I go all up in the office walking like Kelly Ripa on a catwalk!

And starting in February, I'll be going in 2 days a week - Tuesdays and Thursdays
Oh Hot Damn!
(MUST remember to take a mirror pic)

My poor husband though...
He either comes home to me still in my pj's (which are TIGHT yoga pants...c'mon, that's at least sexy, right?!?) and unshowered!
Or in my running gear cos on Wednesday's and Thursday's I'm out the door for my run the second he walks in the door from work.
And on Tuesday's when I do it up...I get off work a little early so I can get my run in before picking up the bambino at the mother-in-law's.
So he sees me post-run.

I know I need to work on this , but I honestly don't know that I'm quite that dedicated to change my dirty-ass, disgusting ways quite yet.
I guess it's laziness?
I'm up anywhere from 6:30 - 7 am when Mr. Royce decides to wake up.
And the husband is out the door for work at 7:30am.
Since my current running training plan consists of runs Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday, perhaps I'll make an effort to get a shower in soon after getting back from the run.
And on Monday and Friday I will try my darndest  to get a shower in BEFORE the hubs gets home from work and look presentable!
(ok, ok....look capital H-A-W-T!! I mean, we're gonna wanna start making another baby sooner rather than later, right. Gotta make him want to tap that! Heeeeeey!!!)
Saturday and Sunday I do typically shower and get dressed cos there is usually something we have to go to at some point during the weekend!

I mean, I'm not getting any younger.
T-minus 6 days till my gone with the wind fabulous 3-0!
Yes, Kyra we know cos you won't shut up about it!

But the Hubs is lucky tonight!
We have plans for tonight, so he gets this:
Hey girl, Heeeeey!!
And he's not even home from work yet!
Boo yow!!!

And I would be remiss if I did not wish the fabulous Darci a big 'ol HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Later Hotties!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Race Against Poverty

Hey fraaans!!!

I have a HUGE, yet oh-so-simple request to ask of you!

So I know we, here in the blog world, are all about losing weight and running races, right?!?!

I have a wonderful friend back in my hometown of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania that organizes an annual 5K called Race Against Poverty (click for link to race homepage!)

The goal of Race Against Poverty is to provide an opportunity for people to come together and take a stand against poverty and to support the work of Circles, a community initiative that provides relational support for families who are working hard to break out of poverty situations.  

I know we all love us some 5K's...especially for a great cause.
My friend is passionate about people living in poverty in his community as well as worldwide and the proceeds of this race go towards taking a stand against poverty.

All I need you lovelies to do is go to the Race Against Poverty Facebook Page (click for link to Facebook page!) and "LIKE" them.
See, that simple!
And I also know how we love our social media, so you can totes handle this!!  ; ) 

He wants to take this race to the next level this year and needs lovely people like YOU to help get him there.
Don't worry, liking the page doesn't mean your locked in to doing this race.
(Although if any of you just so happened to want to visit PA, hang out with me, you're more than welcome to!)

And while we're talking races/running...
Yesterday in my Hal Higdon half marathon training it called for a 4 mile pace run.
I wanted to do it at an average 9 minute/mile


Thank so much my gone with the wind fabulous people!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Welp folks, it's happening....

I am retiring Thick Thursday.
Hey, cheer up there...don't cry cos it's over, smile cos it happened!
(I tell this to my 16 month old every time he cries cos his meal time is over - like mama, like son! - but it totally makes his devastation all better...sarcasm noted)

I'm not as thick as I once was.
And, I already weigh in with my MLFitCamp Facebook group on Wednesdays!
(Shout out to Kinsey, Jen, and Tiffani!! - yes, our Holiday accountability group has stuck together past the holidays to help push each other on!!)
And now I learn there's a Weigh-In Wednesday link up which will bring me that much more accountability.


So join me in a moment of silence for Thick Thursday...

And help me welcome Weigh-In Wednesday with a glowing, "Hey girl, Heeeeeeeeey!!"

I weighed in this morning at 161!
I've been plateauing here for about a week now.
I made a goal at the beginning of January to be 155 by January 31st (my big 3-to-the-izz-0)
A tad pretentious, perhaps.
But most importantly I just want to look damn good in some mint skinny jeans!!
I feel good about how I currently look, so I'm trying not to let the number bug me.
And SPOILER ALERT...I tried on my mint skinnies and they button currently!!
But I'll be sure to post pics after the event and let y'all be the judge if I hit MILF by 30 status!

So there you have it, folks!

Happy Hump-dizzle Day!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm Gone With The Wind Fabulous

Now twirl...

...more on that in a bit!

Laura and Mel are hosting a workout gear link-up


And this lady really does not have much to contribute.
Which is why I'm pretty stoked to see what all the lovelies out there recommend cos mama needs some new gear and some money to buy it all!!

Here are two items I use and recommend:
These UnderArmor socks do their natural UA thing. But the neon colors just make me so happy to put them on and workout!

These are Adidas compression pants. I'm not trying to endorse Adidas specifically, I'm just saying compression pants are a must cos they keep all my shit in one place and not flapping around!!

I look forward to reading all the linked up posts and getting some new workout gear recommendations!

Now, back to TWIRL...

I know there's gotta be some Bravo fans out there!!
I will watch the Real Housewives of ANY and EVERYWHERE.

Kenya Moore from the Real Housewives of Atlanta was Miss America some 87 years ago.
Shit! I mean Miss USA.
Shit! I mean I really don't remember which one!
(And why is there a difference anyway?!?)
But don't let Miss Kenya know you can't remember her title!

Moving right along, she gets into a heated discussion with another housewife and says one of the best quotes of all times.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this out.
Obviously someone recorded this from their TV, but you get the idea.
(There was an 8 1/2 minute one that I couldn't get to load, so if you don't know what I'm talking about and want the whole scoop, go check that out on youtube.
1. She is bat shit crazy
2. This is the most hilarious comment and the twirling and long gown makes it all the more better.
3. Obsessed!!

So, because I'm a BravHo, I also watch "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen and he tells me that Kenya Moore now has a song entitled "Gone With The Wind Fabulous"
Upon first listen to the song, I rolled my eyes like it was nobody's business.
The next night on WWHL she "performed" it live.
Again, a shotty video, but it's the best of all I could find.

While, I hate to make this dumbass broad any more money, I went straight to iTunes to download it.
I am obsessed and it may or may not  have become my turning 30 theme song.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Perhaps my title turned away about 99% of you.
For you 1% still here and willing to "listen"...
I love you.

I am one of the guys.
And I don't hate it.
Don't get me wrong, I can totally be a girl's girl.
But give me sports and beer and I couldn't fit more in.

Just give me a few minutes to discuss the impending Super Bowl.
The Harbowl.
Jim and John Harbaugh are brothers 15 months apart.
Yes, I too, shit in my pants upon hearing the 15 months thing!
Jim Harbaugh coaches the 49ers and his younger brother, John Harbaugh coaches the Baltimore Ravens.
L-R: Jim and John
So yes, folks, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will play each other on February 3, 2013!
(Called, it Mel!!)
And I couldn't be more stoked!
For one, these brothas are pretty fine men!!
For another, I hate the Patriots. There, I said it! So I'm so glad they didn't make it to the Super Bowl again this year!
And for yet another reason...I grew up with my Dad being a 9ers fan.
("9ers" is how the cool kids shorten the Forty-niners!)
So I've always had a soft spot for them.
Hence the reason I'm cheering on the 9ers to take away the WIN!

Now, there's also been talk from some men folk that this is rigged.
Ray Lewis, ILB (Inside Linebacker - read: he's on Defense and tackles people!) for the Baltimore Ravens announced, before the playoffs that he is retiring after this season after 16 years with the Ravens.
(Holy run-on sentence, Batman!)
So therefore, people think it's all rigged so we have a fairy tale ending...a superstar defensive player retiring with a win in the Super Bowl.
While, it all seems a little fishy to me and I, myself have contemplated the validity of games being rigged
(Super Bowl XLIV anyone? Saints vs Colts?!?)
I can't wrap my head around players or coaches willingly being paid off or what have you to lose a game.
So, with that said, I do have an unnerving feeling that the Ravens will win.
But I can't say I feel 100% that it's rigged..I don't know.
Any of you have any thoughts on this?

Now let me move on to how cheering for either team in this game makes me a bad Steelers fan.
Yes, I am a Steelers fan.
(Agree to disagree, please?!?)
Check out how hardcore a fan I am:
Steelers tattoo on my foot
The Steelers and the Ravens are in the same division so we are automatically rivals.
The Steelers are the only team in the NFL to have 6 Super Bowl wins. The 49ers have 5. So if they win this year, they too will have 6.
So either way, Steeler fans across the nation are in a tough spot! ; )
Except this girl.
I have such a soft spot for the 9ers that I'm willing to share the 6 SB title.
(see how sweet I am?!?)

Clearly, I'm boring you, I know.
Now here's the girly part!!
I already have my outfit picked out for the game.
Red pants and my "49ers MVP" shirt - both from Victoria's Secret.
And gold nail polish with only my pointer fingers painted red!!

See, girly girl!

And to totally redeem myself from this post, I have a Bravo/Real Housewves... post set up for tomorrow!!

And hey, maybe you're with the 99% that don't care but you read anyway...thank you.
Now take something you learned here and impress a dude!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

And I'm back in the game!

Seriously, one of my all-time fave movie quotes!
Please tell me you know this is from '10 Things I Hate About You'

Anyway, I've been slightly MIA.
I went to Pittsburgh, PA for my sweet little niece, Claire's christening.

And then I came home and got the flu and have been down for the count.

I've lost all touch on all things social media so I feel totally out of the loop. 
But I have to admit, it's been an awesome feeling to detach and detox from all of it too!

But I'm here to let you know, I'm baaaaaaaack!
With really nothing to say.
Oh, but we got our first snow in Royce's lifetime (16 months IS a lifetime!!)

And there you have it, folks!
Happy Friday!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

6 Months

Saturday, January 12, 2013 marked 6 months that I've been on this blogging and weight loss journey.

On July 12, 2012, I posted my first Thick Thursday weigh-in at 190 pounds.

The very next day I wrote a post on my Gameplan to lose the weight.
-- I mention how I'm going to walk twice a day. And how I wanted to start back to running but didn't know if I could do it! :)
-- I mention how at some point "in my life time I totally want to do a 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon...I totally wanna be one of those people with the "13.1" and "26.2" stickers on the back of their car"
-- I mention cleaning up my eating.

6 months later, I am weighing in at 162
That's a loss of  28 pounds!
6 month progression pic!

In 6 months, I thought I would have lost a lot more.
But I haven't. 
And I'm ok with that.
I've struggled.
I've plateaued.
And most recently, I've gained. (Thank you, Holidays!!)
But. I. Lost.

6 months later, I am running 4-5 days a week at 9 and 9:30 minute miles

6 months later, I am training for a half marathon!
As well as having 2 5Ks under my belt in this 6 months-time.
And looking at (at least) 3 more 5Ks, 2 10Ks and possibly another half.
All in 2013.
(Can't wait to post the pic of that 13.1 sticker on the back of my car!)

Clean eating has been the biggest struggle.
But I'm making choices to eat better more often than not.
Does that mean I don't ever succumb to horrible eating habits?
Uh, hell to the no!
But the important thing is that "more often than not"

I am super stoked about the progress I've made and the progress I continue to make.

In looking back on my earliest posts, I not only got to see the progress and goals that have become reality.
I also got to see and was reminded of YOUR encouraging and kind words and comments along my journey.
For that...I am truly grateful.
Love how all my "blog hoes" were the ones encouraging on my Instagram post!
Thank you doesn't even cover my gratitude, but it will have to suffice.
Thank you for your support, encouragement, belief in me and your praises.
Thank you for the accountability and the motivation.
Thank you for continuing to do all of these things for me.
Thank you.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thick Thursday

Holiday weight gain be GONE!

MILF by 30 status and some mint skinny jeans got me rolling!

Weighed in this morning at 163!!
(For all the newbies...I'd been sitting pretty at 165 for most of December. Then, I went Holiday food crazy the last week with Christmas and New Years and got up to 168. So, I've been getting my arse in gear since last Wednesday. Making this a 5 pound loss!)

And the stats:
Arms:     13"
Chest:     37"
Waist:     37" {loss of 1/2"}
Hips:      39"
Thighs: 23 1/2"

I've been dropping the pounds by running (currently training for a half marathon in March - using the Hal Higdon Novice 2 training plan)
My 4 mile run from yesterday

 2 things...
1. Yesterday on the training plan was 4 miles pace run. I wanted so badly to be under 9 minutes PR.
Hell, I seriously wanted 8:59 average pace...But 9:02 is pretty damn good
I can't lie...I was gasping for breath toward the end.

2. It says I burned 611 calories.
I'm curious if those of you out there with a fancy schamncy Garmin (totes jelly!) have ever used the watch and whatever running app you may have used before at the same time to see if there were any differences in pace/time/calories/distance.
I guess I really want to know how accurate this is.
Anyone at all?!?!?!?
Kim???  Mel???

I've decided I'm gonna do JM's 30 Day Shred on Sundays - my cross training days.
Now that Biggest Loser is on, I'm feening for some Jillian.
(Am I the only crazy mofo that thinks those contestants that have her screaming in their faces and kicking them out of her gym are the luckiest folks in the world?!? I watch it and think, "Man, I wish that were me!" - and yes, I have now realized that I am bat shit crazy!)

And, I'm also trying to eat as clean as possible!

And there you have it, folks!

Super Bowl Eats Link-Up!

I'm linking up with Amy to share Super Bowl recipes
(And reading all these posts are going to kill me and make me want to try all of them which I probably will and then gain back the holiday weight I just lost !!)

I adore football.
I'm a Steelers fan (let's just agree to disagree!!)
My birthday is January 31st, so as a little girl, all my birthday parties were Super Bowl parties and I loved every second of it.
Going to a Super Bowl once in my lifetime is on my bucket list.
I love football. I love dips and desserts. I love this link-up!

Here we go:

Jalapeno Popper Dip 

I am OBSESSED with jalepeno poppers so this recipe was a no-brainer for me.
I've only made it once...cos if I made it a lot, I would never lose any weight.
Seriously. I could eat the entire dip.

The link attached to the name has the full recipe and is written out very clearly, so I'm not gonna botch it here trying to copy and paste.
What I will do is tell you the helpful little hints I used to make it.
So go check out the recipe so my tips below will make sense!
- It calls for 1 cup of mayo. YOWZA! When I made it I used 1/2 c of mayo and 1/2 c greek yogurt. Next time I make it I'm going to omit the mayo altogether and just use 1 c of greek yogurt.
- You could cut some calories and fat out by using "healthier" ingredients (if you wanted to):
reduced fat cream cheese, greek yogurt, turkey bacon, fat free cheese, spray butter
- I used real bacon bits rather than take the time to cook bacon and cut it up. Also, totally used the jar of diced jalepenos...bitch be lazy!
- I would honestly cut the breadcrumbs to just half a cup. I felt that top layer was too thick (that's what she said) and unnecessary.
- And I just used the spray butter and poured out 4 tablespoons
- I served with tortilla chips, but I think just about anything dipped in here would be delicious. (I said JUST about anything...pervs.)
This shit is seriously banging and your men-folk will LOVE it!

2 of my go-to recipes for any occasion:
1. My mom's Chicken Dip
- 2 16oz can of canned chicken, drained
- 2 8oz blocks of cream cheese
- Dry ranch seasoning to taste. (I usually use one packet to the 2 cans/2 blocks)
----Make this dip in the crockpot. Put cream cheese in first to soften. Add drained chicken and the ranch seasoning to your taste. Stir and let warm up. Best served warm and with crackers
*basically just remember for each can of chicken is one block of cream cheese and you can multiply this recipe however many times you need using that ratio. And just season with the dry ranch to your heart's content!
--> I am asked to make this dip for any event we are a part of.

2. Pimento Cheese Dip:
- Block of sharp cheddar cheese (like the size of the Cracker Barrel logs of cheese)
- 3 Tbls Sour Cream
- 8 oz Cream Cheese
- 2oz jar of Pimentos (I've only ever found a 4 oz jar)
----Grate the cheese. (Or just buy a bag of shredded sharp cheddar cheese...I told y'all bishes I be lazy!). Mix the other ingredients in and serve with crackers.

I love all things festive and themed, so tailor your food based on the team's playing in the game team colors.
(Or, if it's your team in the Bowl, than all things in your team's color)
I made cupcakes last year in Red, White and Blue since that was both teams colors.
(But I was TOTES rooting for the Giants cos I effing hate the Patriots...again, agree to disagree!!)
I used this idea to make them:
--In addition to the food, YOU get festive! Again, if it's your team, rock their gear or their colors. If your neutral, find a cutsie football-esque shirt to wear. Put mascara under your eyes as your own "eye black".

I'm also a big fan of taking any dip or dessert and making it into the shape of a football.
Make brownies and rather than cut into individual squares, cut a football shape out of the 9x13 pan, eat the edges you cut off decorate with some white icing, and BAM, insta-hit!
Shape your cheese ball in a football rather than the boring old ball!

And when all else fails, check out these pages found via Pinterest!
135 recipes for football season
Football game day treats 

Man, I love football!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yes-Reply blogger in the house!!

All of my blogging life (yes, all 6 months of it) I have been a no-reply blogger.
But not because I wanted to be.

Holly, the doll that she is, so graciously sat us down and held our hand - and just short of wiping our asses for us - stepped us through how to fix this in our profile so when we comment on a post, the author can reply back to us via email.

But alas, I still could not get it to work!

All these months, every blog I commented on got a message to this extent when they tried to reply to my comment via email:
"Shit, bitch, I don't want you contacting me!"

But that's not how I really felt!
Don't y'all remember I NEED FRIENDS!!

Long story semi short; my Blogger account was set up via Google + so that was the issue.
I tired and tried and tried some more to figure it out but to no avail.

Well today, I finally googled "no-reply blogger google +" and found this blogger's tutorial.

All I simply had to do is change my profile from Google+ to Blogger.
and THEN, I could follow Holly's gracious tutorial or this link that Mel sent me!

Thanks for the help ladies!! I really appreciate it! 

A Simpler Look

Hey erebody! (<-- that was my best attempt at the "ermagherd" phenomenon. I think I failed!)

I've picked up some new followers from linking up and whoring myself out !!
So I just want to welcome you and I'm seriously stoked to have you!

I just spent 2 hours, uh "redesigning" my blog.
Until I can save all my pennies (and he becomes available again since he's on hiatus till February) for a Hubby Jack design, I needed something to simplify my hot mess of a blog.
I wanted to give all of you lovelies that stop by a more refined design.
(Since I'll be turning 30 in 22 days...but who's counting?!? And we all know when you turn 30 you automatically become refined and classy!)

Anywho, hope you like the new look for the time being!
And again, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and share your love!!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fave Running Shoes Link-Up


Today I'm linking up with Laura and Mel to talk about my favorite running shoes.
And, ladies, I LOVE this link up.
I once read that you're supposed to change out your running shoes every 500 miles.
I laughed in the face of 500 miles, thinking, "Oh, so that'll take me to 2 years, I suppose!"
Ye of little faith, Miss Kyra!
I have currently run 115 miles with the pair I'm in now.
(I only know this due to using MapMyRun the same day I started wearing my shoes!)
((PS...find me on MapMyRun - KyraTanner!!))

So anywho, I would like to keep my running shoes fresh in staying changing them out every 500 miles.
I just need to start playing the lottery or rob a bank to do so
It is a dream have enough pairs or running shoes to change it up everyday like Monica at Run Eat Repeat!
Note to self: Must up my followers so Brooks will give me free shit to try out and blast y'all with!!!

And there you have it, folks!
I am Brooks girl.
My current running shoes are Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 in purple.
Up until very recently (November) I just ran in whatever sneakers I had.
I think a lot of us do this cos we don't really want to shell out any money if we don't have to.
Well this broke ass motha is here to tell you...HOLLA FOR A DOLLA!!
I was dealing with shin splints like crazy every day.
And for a most of October I was having a bit of trouble with my ankle.
I can't imagine why with these raggedy old things! No Bueno!!

The very first time I ran in my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 I had no pain whatsoever and have not still to this day!

When I first started the hunt for running shoes, I went to a running store in Richmond, VA and the employee there had me walk around there little track they had in the store so he could analyze how my feet hit the ground, etc to better suggest a running shoe.
He brought me out 3 different pairs.
One was a Brooks (don't remember what type), another was some Nike running shoe and the third was an Asics GT 2000.
I tried on all 3.
I tried the Brooks on one foot and the Asics on the other at the same time to compare.
And, the Asics felt a little bit better to me.  
(By a smidge, seriously, but I wanted whatever I was most comfortable in!)
Asics GT 2000 - Bitchin, right?!?!?
But, I could not buy them at the time of that analysis.
So, a few weeks later, we were in PA visiting my family and went to the local running store.
This time I was prepared to purchase.
And guess Asics GT 2000.
The employee there had me get on their treadmill and run so he could analyze my foot landing, gait, etc.
(Turns out I pronate my foot when I land...which means turning my toes out a bit.)
So he recommended the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.
I put them on and liked them but had a tough time getting past the fact that they weren't the Asics.
But, homegirl wanted a new pair of running shoes some kinda bad and hubby was paying! (Hey big daddy!)
So I sucked it up and went with the Brooks.

And don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Brooks.
They're so good to me!
...not causing me any injury and making the wind eat my dust.

If I could have it my way, I'd own a pair of Brooks and Asics and change 'em out every day or week.

Or perhaps another pair altogether if any of you lovely link-up ladies can convince me otherwise!!

Happy Sole Searching!! 
; )

Monday, January 7, 2013

There's no crying in baseball!

You know how I know I'm PMS-ing??
Cos the My Days app shows me I just finished watching the Biggest Loser episode from last night and I bawled the entire time!
(Why does the 2-night premiere have to fall on my damn PMS week?!?)
Albeit, I typically cry at least once during an episode, but this time was excessive.

Not only am I melodramatic, I am also a raging beeyotch when I PMS.
Not to mention I eat and eat and EAT during this hell week.
And all that eating will simply not work with my MILF by 30 status.
Praying to Sweet Georgia Brown's "Lord Jesus" that I do not succumb!
Perhaps my emotionally moody and irrationally raging wench will bitch slap the binge out of me!

Back to The Biggest Loser...
I always enjoy watching the show cos it just motivates me that much more!
This time, I'm taking on the approach of not letting those lovely ladies on the show beat me to fit and trim.
Meaning, by the reveal finale, I wanna be at goal and looking hella fine!

They may have Jillian in their face (too literally) but I got the bitch on DVD.
Which I've officially decided that on my cross training days (Sundays) in my half marathon training, I'm going to be busting out one or two of her levels of 30 Day Shred.

And, since I also just watched "Watch What Happens Live" from last night,
(I live for my DVR. I don't watch anything when it's actually on!)
In true NeNe fashion, I leave you with

Friday, January 4, 2013

Just when you thought it was over...Crafty Christmas

Yes, I know it's been a week and a half since Christmas. :(
Am I the only one that gets so excited about Christmas the second Thanksgiving is over and then come December 26th, I'm over it.
It's slightly depressing!

Well, I mustered all my creativity I possibly could (Thank you, Pinterest) to create some presents this year and I wanted to share them with you all here.
I've been waiting on this post to ensure everyone got their crafty gift before they saw it on here.
(Cos they all damn well better read my blog!!)
Alas, 3 people have not received their gifts since we can't seem to find a time to get together.
I didn't want to wait until they got them to share this post with y'all.
cos Lord knows when we'll get together.
And posting this a week and a half late is bad enough.
And these bitches don't read this blog anyway. THEIR LOSS!!!

The first gift was for my mom: 
My mom has three kids.
And each one of us has given her one grandchild. (thus far!)
So, for all you mathematicians out there, that makes for three grandchildren.
(wow, that was tough. I'll try to keep it simpler from here on out!)
The oldest, my sister Shannon and her family live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
I, the middle child (yeah middle child syndrome!!) live in Virginia with my sweet little family.
And the youngest, my brother Kellen and his family live in our hometown in Pennsylvania. (same place as my mom)
So, in her children's chronological order, is how the states above are organized top to bottom.
And our respective cities marked with a heart.
Cos those are where my mom's heart is!
I first saw the idea on Pinterest like this:
And then found links to free, cutesy States printables (like those shown in my finished product) but dammit if I could find the link now to the ones I used!
I seriously just printed them out like the weekend before Christmas.
And now when I go to the link I used, they're gone.
Good thing I saved PA and VA on my computer!
So, I apologize for sharing this awesomeness but giving you nowhere to go to complete it yourself.
If you need the printable for Pennsylvania or Virginia, I got you covered!

The next was a gift for my sister-in-law:
Saw it on Pinterest here.
Those are Royce's fingerprints.
(Even if they don't look like it! This result is due to using finger paint as opposed to using an actual ink pad...duh, Kyra?!?!?)
Cute nonetheless!

And last, but certainly not least...these gifts are for the wenches that are so damn busy! :)
Totally got this idea from Kassie!
Got a four pack of 6x6 canvases from Walmart (used the fourth one in the pack from fingerprint light project above.) 
Googled "Christmas silhouettes" to find the ones I liked.
Printed and cut them out.
Laid them on each canvas and traced around them with a pencil.
Used Mod Podge and a paint brush to coat inside the outlined silhouette.
Poured on glitter and shook off extra.
Sprayed with a Mod Podge adhesive spray so the glitter would stick better.
(this works slightly, I still have glitter falling off everywhere but nothing too drastic!)
Go see Kassie's  creation. She shows you her step-by-step process.
(That's why I suck at blogging...I don't think about taking "progression" pictures of everything!!)

The reindeer is totes my fave!
The Christmas tree and Angel felt so bare so I overcompensated with words and a little more glitter.
-which I don't love, but I guess I like it better than with nothing.
I didn't want to touch the reindeer with any "extras" cos I already liked it the way it was!

Happy Friday!!!!!
And only 356 days till Christmas!