Friday, January 4, 2013

Just when you thought it was over...Crafty Christmas

Yes, I know it's been a week and a half since Christmas. :(
Am I the only one that gets so excited about Christmas the second Thanksgiving is over and then come December 26th, I'm over it.
It's slightly depressing!

Well, I mustered all my creativity I possibly could (Thank you, Pinterest) to create some presents this year and I wanted to share them with you all here.
I've been waiting on this post to ensure everyone got their crafty gift before they saw it on here.
(Cos they all damn well better read my blog!!)
Alas, 3 people have not received their gifts since we can't seem to find a time to get together.
I didn't want to wait until they got them to share this post with y'all.
cos Lord knows when we'll get together.
And posting this a week and a half late is bad enough.
And these bitches don't read this blog anyway. THEIR LOSS!!!

The first gift was for my mom: 
My mom has three kids.
And each one of us has given her one grandchild. (thus far!)
So, for all you mathematicians out there, that makes for three grandchildren.
(wow, that was tough. I'll try to keep it simpler from here on out!)
The oldest, my sister Shannon and her family live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
I, the middle child (yeah middle child syndrome!!) live in Virginia with my sweet little family.
And the youngest, my brother Kellen and his family live in our hometown in Pennsylvania. (same place as my mom)
So, in her children's chronological order, is how the states above are organized top to bottom.
And our respective cities marked with a heart.
Cos those are where my mom's heart is!
I first saw the idea on Pinterest like this:
And then found links to free, cutesy States printables (like those shown in my finished product) but dammit if I could find the link now to the ones I used!
I seriously just printed them out like the weekend before Christmas.
And now when I go to the link I used, they're gone.
Good thing I saved PA and VA on my computer!
So, I apologize for sharing this awesomeness but giving you nowhere to go to complete it yourself.
If you need the printable for Pennsylvania or Virginia, I got you covered!

The next was a gift for my sister-in-law:
Saw it on Pinterest here.
Those are Royce's fingerprints.
(Even if they don't look like it! This result is due to using finger paint as opposed to using an actual ink pad...duh, Kyra?!?!?)
Cute nonetheless!

And last, but certainly not least...these gifts are for the wenches that are so damn busy! :)
Totally got this idea from Kassie!
Got a four pack of 6x6 canvases from Walmart (used the fourth one in the pack from fingerprint light project above.) 
Googled "Christmas silhouettes" to find the ones I liked.
Printed and cut them out.
Laid them on each canvas and traced around them with a pencil.
Used Mod Podge and a paint brush to coat inside the outlined silhouette.
Poured on glitter and shook off extra.
Sprayed with a Mod Podge adhesive spray so the glitter would stick better.
(this works slightly, I still have glitter falling off everywhere but nothing too drastic!)
Go see Kassie's  creation. She shows you her step-by-step process.
(That's why I suck at blogging...I don't think about taking "progression" pictures of everything!!)

The reindeer is totes my fave!
The Christmas tree and Angel felt so bare so I overcompensated with words and a little more glitter.
-which I don't love, but I guess I like it better than with nothing.
I didn't want to touch the reindeer with any "extras" cos I already liked it the way it was!

Happy Friday!!!!!
And only 356 days till Christmas!


  1. Love that states project!! Might have to steal that!

    1. Please do!!
      I'm still working on finding those printables. So if I find 'me, I'll send you the link!

  2. Love these ideas! The states one is probably my favorite! I bet your momma loved it too! :) cute!

    1. This project was one of the first things I ever pinned and was stoked to finally do it!
      I also made her a cutesy little creation for Mother's Day that I saw on Pinterest.... "The only thing better than having you for our our children having you for their Grandma" -- Pinterest is so sentimental!!

      Anywho...I don't want to brag or anything, but I think this was my mom's favorite gift this Christmas. (Boo Yah, Shan and Kel -- middle child soupy dorms at its' finest!!)