Friday, October 26, 2012

Thick Thursday on Friday

So I'm just about as good at losing weight as I am at writing on my blog!

But, alas, it is Thick Thursday Friday!
Weighed this morning at 172.

Arms:     13 1/2"
Chest:       38"
Waist:     37 1/2" {loss of 1"}
Hips:         40"
Thighs:    24 1/2"

Only 5 days left of doing the 30 Day Shred!
(But who's counting?!?)

There is a 5k I'm doing on Thanksgiving day, so for the month of November, my game plan is strictly running.

The hubs has been running with me and I'm super stoked about that!

And Melanie shared this "Pile on the Miles" for the month of November.
The idea is to pile on the miles (of exercise...running, walking...) instead of the pounds!
Sounds pretty sweet, so I think I'll sign up.
If you're interested too, check out the deets here!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thick Thursday

Weighed in this morning at 173.

Arms:    13 1/2" {loss of 1/2 inch}
Chest:      38"
Waist:    38 1/2" {loss of 1/2 inch}
Hips:       40"
Thighs:   24 1/2"

Not excited about my lame stats.
That's a 2 pound gain.
And I'd feel better about it if I lost more inches. (ie, gaining muscle...)
Not to mention, I've been lingering among the 171-173 for over a month now....I HATE A PLATEAU!!

On the up side...I feel good abut how I feel I look.
Yeah, isn't that a bitch...when you think you're doing well, that bitch whore scale slaps you in the face.
I've been doing the 30 Day Shred EVERY DAY since Oct 1st.
...I can't even begin to tell you how freaken awesome I feel putting my gold star on the calendar to say I've completed it for the day. I know I want to see a sticker for every day when the month is over, so that's mostly why I keep up with it!
I'm also kicking my running game up a notch.
...meaning I'm getting back to running at least 5 days a week (at 3 miles a day).

Perhaps I feel that running will help me lose the weight and break through the plateau.

And trust me when I say that I am eating healthy.
I think that's the important part of the equation.
So I don't want y'all to think that I'm just saying, "oh yeah, I eat healthy!" (As I'm wiping the Oreo crumbs off my mouth)
...cos that has to be what's happening if I'm exercising like a haus and "eating healthy", right?!?
Well, kick those nasty thoughts, cos baby got back this B ain't lying!

I upped my calories to 1500 and now that I'm running again, I try to eat more on top of that.
I still stay pretty below (within 300 calories) the total calories I gain by working out.
But I find it hard to have the calories add up.
Consuming fruits and veggies and lean protein, etc; they tend to be low in calories.
I'm also trying to eat every 2 hours.

I've started all this about 2 days ago.
...running consistently on top of 30DS, eating more and more often.
I guess I thought that I would've seen more of a difference in my weight in those 2 days.
(Perhaps wishful thinking)
But, I weighed 173 on Monday and I weigh 173 today.

Nothing pisses me off more than a plateau!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Totes Adorbs

There's something about Fridays that are very euphoric for me.
I don't know what it is, but they're very rainbows and unicorns.
I just wanna hug everyone!

With that said, I specifically want to highlight my favorite blog.

This girl is hysterical!
She's quick-witted and cute as a button.
She is super fun.
A self-proclaimed nerd that is beyond cool!
She's uses the best references and quotes.
Her husband is equally cute and hysterically quick-witted and a tech god.
They are the cutest and I want to move in with them!
Their kids...totes adorbs!
(For all you lamies, that means TOTALLY ADORABLE!)
She's hilariously honest in sharing her weight loss journey and inspired me to post my own shirtless before pic.
(I said shirtless, not's not THAT kind of blog!)
She is the most consistent commenter on my blog and doesn't even know how cool that makes me feel as well as how she motivates me in my weight loss journey.

Enough anticipation....
Meet my blogger friend, Holly!,
If you won't just take my word that she's the best blog out there, check out my favorite posts herehere and here

And you HAVE to check out the vlog her and her hubs made (again, not that type of blog!) of them  answering fellow blogger's questions. They're so stinking cute!!

Thanks for being so stinking awesome, Holly!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thick Thursday

Hey there!!
I've somewhat slacked on my Thick Thursdays, so I'm bringing it to ya today!!

Weighed in this morning at 171!!
I can't wait to get in the 160's!!!

Arms:      14"
Chest:      38"
Waist:      39"
Hips:        40" {loss of 1/2 inch}
Thighs:   24 1/2"

I know y'all are missing the pics of me, but I had the worst time getting my camera to take a pic using my tripod.
And when I finally did, it was slightly blurry but I was bound and determined to use it.
Until I couldn't upload it to here in the correct, lengthwise position.
Computer nerd FAIL!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Level 2

So, after 8 days of Level 1 on 30 Day Shred I felt pretty good and was getting slightly bored.

So I moved myself up to Level 2.

...And holy shitballs...
Kicked. My. Ass.

And feels good!

I want results, so I gotta go for it.

Which is why I'm now off for a run!!

Seize the day, ladies!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

I just thought you all should know...

I got on the scale this morning after my mini-vacay in which I ate everything in sight and did my Jillian Michaels workout every day. It read....


So, I'm ok with that number.
Cos seriously...I ate like I wouldn't see tomorrow.
And indulged in a few beers!

Just wanted to share that with you all.
And here's to busting my tail to get that number down for Thick Thursday this week!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Buddy on vacay

So I'm at the wonderful Outerbanks in North Carolina.

I've eaten just about everything in sight!


I brought 30 Day Shred with me and did it every. stinking. day.
Eff yeah!!

I am pretty stoked and proud of was a feat in itself!

Just wanted to share with all of y'all!
Isn't that right, buddy?!?
(A little Jillian humor, anyone??)

Monday, October 1, 2012

October with my Bestie

For those of you that may not be aware...
Mama L's group on Facebook issued a challenge for everyone to join in 31 days of Jillian Michaels...
The challenge, if accepted, is to do a Jillian Michaels workout every day in October.

I picked my poison...30 Day Shred!
I started the 30DS a little over a month ago, but stopped due to popping a rib out. (Not from doing the 30DS. If you missed it, check out that story here.
Well, it hasn't bothered me for the past 2 weeks, so I've decided to give it a go!

My game plan is to run every morning, then do  30DS when I get back from the run.

And we all know I need a goal/end in sight to work for, so my new goal is to be 165 by the end of this month!

I'm surprisingly excited to do this every day!
I do well with a challenge/schedule/gameplan.

And, I can't believe I'm doing this, but, my girl, Holly inspired me to, so here goes nothing!
The before pic:

Deer in headlights looks is always sexy!
Actually, my face definitely says, "Why the hell am I seriously thinking about showing the world all of my milkshake that most certainly brings all the boys to the yard?!?"

Anywho... here are the starting specs:

Weight:   173
Arms:      14"
Chest:      38"
Waist:      39"
Hips:      40 1/2"
Thighs:   24 1/2"

And hey, why not give yourself a challenge?!?
Join me in being Jillian Michaels' bitch for the next 31 days! :)