Monday, January 7, 2013

There's no crying in baseball!

You know how I know I'm PMS-ing??
Cos the My Days app shows me I just finished watching the Biggest Loser episode from last night and I bawled the entire time!
(Why does the 2-night premiere have to fall on my damn PMS week?!?)
Albeit, I typically cry at least once during an episode, but this time was excessive.

Not only am I melodramatic, I am also a raging beeyotch when I PMS.
Not to mention I eat and eat and EAT during this hell week.
And all that eating will simply not work with my MILF by 30 status.
Praying to Sweet Georgia Brown's "Lord Jesus" that I do not succumb!
Perhaps my emotionally moody and irrationally raging wench will bitch slap the binge out of me!

Back to The Biggest Loser...
I always enjoy watching the show cos it just motivates me that much more!
This time, I'm taking on the approach of not letting those lovely ladies on the show beat me to fit and trim.
Meaning, by the reveal finale, I wanna be at goal and looking hella fine!

They may have Jillian in their face (too literally) but I got the bitch on DVD.
Which I've officially decided that on my cross training days (Sundays) in my half marathon training, I'm going to be busting out one or two of her levels of 30 Day Shred.

And, since I also just watched "Watch What Happens Live" from last night,
(I live for my DVR. I don't watch anything when it's actually on!)
In true NeNe fashion, I leave you with

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  1. I'm watching BL right now, from last night...24 hours later isn't bad for me. I really need to kick my habits up a notch! Resolutions here I come!