Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm 30!!!!!!!! so 30 in 30!

I'm 30!!!!
I like to kick, stretch, and KICK!!!
I'm 30!!!!

Ok, so I know this is 50, but I think it applies to I'm 30!!!!!! too.

I stole this idea from the lovely Darci. I'm coming to ya with 30 things I want to do/complete in my 30th year.
And I'll do my very best to update y'all on my progress.
In no particular order...

1. Wear the coveted mint skinny jeans and look damn fine!

2. Run my first half marathon (maybe even throw in a second this year!)

3. Host a giveaway on the old blogger-roo

4. Go to a taping of the Ellen Degeneres show

5. Run 3 - 5 5Ks

6. Run 2 10Ks

7. Sit down at the dinner table for dinner with my family

8.Take an awesome vacation this summer

9. Find a church to attend

10. Host a linkup on the blog

11. Clean my house more often. (And I will embarrass myself by saying at least once a week! Gah!!!)

12. Do a family fun night outting once a month

13. Reach 100 followers

14. Purge my closet and sell and/or donate some clothes.

15. Get to 140 ELLE BEES

16. Arrange more play dates for Royce (cos their also for mommy!)

17. Make more of an effort to make friends here.

18. Get the hubs to finish the laundry room. (Yes, getting my husband to do something for me constitutes as me completing a task!)

19. Take a trip with my "Fab 5" - a group of my girlfriends from back home...there's 5 of us if you couldn't tell!

20. Create more stuff pinned on Pinterest (recipes, mommy/kid ideas, crafty gift ideas)

21. Meet some of you fabulous blogger ladies in the real world!!

22. Get caught up on my DVR

23. Create a must-see movie list and start renting to have movie night with my husband when the bambino is in bed at least twice a month

24. Put money in our Christmas Club account

25. Bust my ass to pay off stupid credit card bills

26. Have another baby (eek, I better get to hopping on this one...literally! ;) ) - or at least get pregnant again in this year!

27. Take more pictures of life

28. Rock a sexy bathing suit this summer

29. Bat the guys off with a stick with my MILF status

30. Be in each and every moment.

And there you have it, folks!!
Glad to have each and every one of you in this year!!!


  1. Happy Birthday it's my momma's b-day too.

  2. Love these!!! Ellen show YES!!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome list! And thanks for the SNL clip--I miss that lady! :)

  4. What an awesome list! I especially love #4 and #26! Good luck and I can't wait to keep up with your progress!

  5. Happy birthday! Celebrate big GF! You are Damntastic!

  6. This is such a cute list!! I think it'd be fun to recap on your next birthday!!

  7. Reason 234,654 we are now bff's - you love the Molly Shannon skit. Here's hoping you had a "Gone with the wind fabulous" birthday, and that all your list comes true :)

  8. I'm so with you on #s 1,2 and 29!!! lol

  9. I'm late but happy birthday!!!