Friday, January 25, 2013

The Hubs is one lucky dude

Ahh, yes, the famous SAHM mom post about how her style has gone down the shitter.

Totes stole this from Meredith
Dammit if that ain't the truth!!

I work, part time, from home but go into the office on Tuesdays.
And let me tell you I DO IT UP on a Tuesday!!
Since I am now starting to fit back into my cute clothes, I go all out fashion show style on a Tuesday!
(And because I'm not a stellar blogger in the way of pictures I cannot insert montage of Tuesday work outfits right here. Dammit, Kyra!!)
It's like because I'm such a disgusting slob every other day of the week who only showers about every other day I use Tuesday as my redemption day.
I go all up in the office walking like Kelly Ripa on a catwalk!

And starting in February, I'll be going in 2 days a week - Tuesdays and Thursdays
Oh Hot Damn!
(MUST remember to take a mirror pic)

My poor husband though...
He either comes home to me still in my pj's (which are TIGHT yoga pants...c'mon, that's at least sexy, right?!?) and unshowered!
Or in my running gear cos on Wednesday's and Thursday's I'm out the door for my run the second he walks in the door from work.
And on Tuesday's when I do it up...I get off work a little early so I can get my run in before picking up the bambino at the mother-in-law's.
So he sees me post-run.

I know I need to work on this , but I honestly don't know that I'm quite that dedicated to change my dirty-ass, disgusting ways quite yet.
I guess it's laziness?
I'm up anywhere from 6:30 - 7 am when Mr. Royce decides to wake up.
And the husband is out the door for work at 7:30am.
Since my current running training plan consists of runs Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday, perhaps I'll make an effort to get a shower in soon after getting back from the run.
And on Monday and Friday I will try my darndest  to get a shower in BEFORE the hubs gets home from work and look presentable!
(ok, ok....look capital H-A-W-T!! I mean, we're gonna wanna start making another baby sooner rather than later, right. Gotta make him want to tap that! Heeeeeey!!!)
Saturday and Sunday I do typically shower and get dressed cos there is usually something we have to go to at some point during the weekend!

I mean, I'm not getting any younger.
T-minus 6 days till my gone with the wind fabulous 3-0!
Yes, Kyra we know cos you won't shut up about it!

But the Hubs is lucky tonight!
We have plans for tonight, so he gets this:
Hey girl, Heeeeey!!
And he's not even home from work yet!
Boo yow!!!

And I would be remiss if I did not wish the fabulous Darci a big 'ol HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Later Hotties!!!!


  1. Look! I am commenting!
    You look awesome in the pictures!! Looking itty bitty!
    And I 100% understand the desire to dress up on Tuesdays. I usually only head to the office on Tuesdays and Thursday. Tuesday I am all about dressing up... Thursday, its about 75% chance I am just wearing jeans and a sweater.

  2. You look great!! And tight yoga pants tap tally so count lol. I don't even have children and I sto don't take a shower everyday. Oops. : )

  3. My poor husband has the same problem with me, haha, except, I atleast you are trying to change, I just don't really care. Oops, I shouldn't have admitted that huh? =)

    You look great in that outfit!

  4. haha love it! My husband never sees me dressed up either so I started sending him pics of my outfit every day. And man I wish I was only turning 30!

  5. Hubba Hubba! I'd tap that ;) lol

  6. Hey girl! You are SUPER gorgeous!!
    I honestly have ZERO idea how mom's fit in working and generally being a MOM + working out on top of it. It's incredible!!