Thursday, January 24, 2013

Race Against Poverty

Hey fraaans!!!

I have a HUGE, yet oh-so-simple request to ask of you!

So I know we, here in the blog world, are all about losing weight and running races, right?!?!

I have a wonderful friend back in my hometown of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania that organizes an annual 5K called Race Against Poverty (click for link to race homepage!)

The goal of Race Against Poverty is to provide an opportunity for people to come together and take a stand against poverty and to support the work of Circles, a community initiative that provides relational support for families who are working hard to break out of poverty situations.  

I know we all love us some 5K's...especially for a great cause.
My friend is passionate about people living in poverty in his community as well as worldwide and the proceeds of this race go towards taking a stand against poverty.

All I need you lovelies to do is go to the Race Against Poverty Facebook Page (click for link to Facebook page!) and "LIKE" them.
See, that simple!
And I also know how we love our social media, so you can totes handle this!!  ; ) 

He wants to take this race to the next level this year and needs lovely people like YOU to help get him there.
Don't worry, liking the page doesn't mean your locked in to doing this race.
(Although if any of you just so happened to want to visit PA, hang out with me, you're more than welcome to!)

And while we're talking races/running...
Yesterday in my Hal Higdon half marathon training it called for a 4 mile pace run.
I wanted to do it at an average 9 minute/mile


Thank so much my gone with the wind fabulous people!


  1. WTG girl - I will get on tonight - can't get FB here - great cause.

  2. I liked the page. =)

    And holy cow! Awesome run! You are one fast mama!

  3. "Liked"

    Great job on your run chica! That my dear, is "gone with the wind fabulous" :)