Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yes-Reply blogger in the house!!

All of my blogging life (yes, all 6 months of it) I have been a no-reply blogger.
But not because I wanted to be.

Holly, the doll that she is, so graciously sat us down and held our hand - and just short of wiping our asses for us - stepped us through how to fix this in our profile so when we comment on a post, the author can reply back to us via email.

But alas, I still could not get it to work!

All these months, every blog I commented on got a message to this extent when they tried to reply to my comment via email:
"Shit, bitch, I don't want you contacting me!"

But that's not how I really felt!
Don't y'all remember I NEED FRIENDS!!

Long story semi short; my Blogger account was set up via Google + so that was the issue.
I tired and tried and tried some more to figure it out but to no avail.

Well today, I finally googled "no-reply blogger google +" and found this blogger's tutorial.

All I simply had to do is change my profile from Google+ to Blogger.
and THEN, I could follow Holly's gracious tutorial or this link that Mel sent me!

Thanks for the help ladies!! I really appreciate it! 


  1. I was a no-reply blogger too- Had NO idea! Just changed that:) Thanks for linking the tutorial!

  2. YAY!!!!!! I am so glad to email people now - huzzah to my craziness. haha.

  3. Awesome! Leave me another comment because the one this morning was still NRB. :)

  4. Glad you got that figured out! I do like your new look too! I must admit, it's easier to read your profile with a light colored background :)

  5. Thanks to Mel I also got this fixed yesterday! I had no idea...duh!

  6. You're a funny chick!!! I like a mom that cusses!! Lol. Keepin' it real yo!!! New follower! :)