Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weighing in on Wednesday in Mint Skinnies

First, I'd like to say that 30 is NOT the new 21.
More on that later!!


I have not stepped on a scale since last weeks weigh-in, so I was slightly worried today.
Say whaaaaaaat?!?!
I stayed the same from last week.
Which is pretty amazeballing faneffingtastic considering all the not-so-healthy food choices I made this weekend!

Exhibit A: Chipotle!

Exhibit B: Birthday party food!
Exhibit C: Fun scavenger type game my sister created for me to get gifts....this one: "Chug a beer with a guy with facial hair" - I had to do this until I found the guy with the goodies. SHOOT ME!!

However, this could have helped
F U "Feels like 5 degrees"!! This is my worst pace on a long run to date but it was cold as balls...the water in my camel back froze and I almost broke my tooth on some sport beans. Glad that bitch is O-V-E-R!!

And possibly the fact that I threw up all party food and beer and anything I ate for the past year by the end of Saturday night and Sunday.
Until, on Sunday, I could finally stomach something at 3 pm when Google told me that a greasy bacon sandwich was the best thing to eat for a hangover
Best damn thing I ever ate!
I could just barely stomach a plate of Super Bowl food on Sunday night.
So, after all this, I'll take the 160 on the scale this morning.

And, since I've talked and talked and talked about the coveted mint skinny jeans...
(Which is, I'M SURE the only reason some of you came back! ;) )
I present to you, a 30-year-old MILF in some mint skinny jeans that only gave me a slight muffin top.
Nothing maddens me more than trying to turn this shit the right way. Tilt your head, people cos this is the best I can do!

Of course my little man had to be stylin' and profilin' too!

And now time for a photo dump of my stellar 30th birthday weekend!!
My first ever Coach purse and a manicure by my 2 year old niece!
Um, Eff yeah! My SIL made my cake...fashioned after my favorite Christian Louboutin shoe! It's pretty damn amazing!
Just some of my faves! Clockwise from top Left: Friends since kindergarten, My twin of a cousin and our typical "Holy Tom Cruise" poster, 2 of my aunts, and the fab 5!
I'm a total grandfather's girl: L-R: My mom's dad (Granddad) singing to me, and "dancing" with my dad's dad (Pap)
Photo Booth anyone?!?!?

All the letters are supposed to spell out "Happy 30th Birthday" or something fancy, I suppose!!

My sweet little family!
And just so you know, going to the bar after the party to continue on in the fun...
...Will make you feel like this the next day:

And can't forget the Super Bowl. I was going for the 49ers (loveeee my nails!).
During the black out, we decided to get some family pics in. That's me at the top with my brother, mom and sister and the 3 grandkids and then me with my boys!

If you stuck around till now - the end - thank you!
I had an amazing weekend and just wanted to share!!

Go out there and get 'em, Tigers!!


  1. Ahhh, I am obsessed with mint skinny jeans too but I can't wear them just yet... they look amazing on you though and I'm so envious! Love your boots too! After the eventful week that you had, I'd say today's weigh-in was a success! Great pics!

  2. Turning 30 doesn't look so bad at all!! ....and awesome job on the rn and getting out there in the cold!!!!

  3. You look so cute and what an awesome party and CAKE!!!!! Love it.

  4. Your birthday weekend looks like it was a BLAST and I looooooveee those mint skinnies. You're rocking them! Where'd you get 'em? :)

  5. AWESOME long run pace time! Go on witcha bad self!!!

  6. Awesome long run, and in ridiculous temps! You go, you party animal!! Love your bubble necklace! I want one!

  7. Get it girl!!! and Happy late birthday!

  8. Love chipotle. Love the mint jeans. And really really LOVE the scavenger hunt idea to chug with a guy in a beard. That's good stuff. :)

  9. Mint skinnies - WORK IT!

    Lil man - melt. my. heart!

    Birthday cake - ADORE (reason 2,345,764 I love you - CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN!!!)

    There is SO much awesome in this post i'm exhausted. Glad it was amazaballs :)

  10. You look great in your mint skinnies!! Your little man is precious!!! Not gaining is awesome!!!