Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

For a very important news flash!!

Today, July 10th, is THIS GUY'S birthday!!!
My younger brother, Kellen, turns 28 today.

With being the baby of the family (and to 2 older sisters, at that) he is quite the character!!
He makes me laugh harder than anyone else.
His quick wit and one-liners cannot be beat.
He's quality funny!

He also NEVER lets it go that he's gotten far less birthday parties than my older sister and I.
My parents decided, at some point in our lives that we were only going to have big birthday parties on "monumental" years.
ie: 10, 13, 16, 18, 21...

Since he is the baby, he swears he got jipped on some parties because by the time this was decided, my sister and I were older and HAD to have had parties that didn't fall on the monumental years.
(He also insists that I pooped on his bed leaving a visible turd. And that I threw him down the stairs and sent him to the ER with a concussion. Ok...that last one, is true.)

With all of this said, we are already working on his 30th birthday party ideas!!
Needless to say, I cannot wait 2 more years.
It's going to be epic.
After all, my sweet, sweet, SWEET baby brother deserves only the best!!

Happy Birthday, little brother!!


  1. So fun! Brothers are the best...when they aren't terrorizing us (at least my brother did). Happy birthday Kellen!

  2. Hopefully he's not reading this, but how funny would it be to have every one of his 30th birthday guests bring him a cake of some sort. He always bitches about how many cakes I got on my 30th, so it would be freaking hilarious to have him get a few dozen cakes for his. The best part is he doesn't even like cake. I love that jerk! Happy birthday, baby bro!!!