Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good News and a little Confused!

Thanks so much for the concern and well wishes for my foot injury I wrote about yesterday.

My trip to the doctor turned out to be quite informative.
Here's what I learned:
1. The Royals are seeing blue.
2. I am not pregnant.
3. I do not have a stress fracture!

While in the waiting room at the doctor's office I watched, with 12 of my closest friends other patients, the announcement that Wills and Kate had a baby boy!
We all clapped, hugged, cried, threw our blue confetti everywhere and shouted "Cheerio!"
Then sat back down and waited patiently for our name to be called.
Mine was called first.
The nurse took me back, got my weight (more on that in a bit) and vitals.
Doc came in, asked some questions, felt up my foot and decided he wanted to take an xray.
He told me that normally when we feel a "pop" like I initially did last Tuesday, it's cartilage related but because of how active I was, he wanted to take xrays to be sure it's not anything more.
He then asked if I'm sexually active and on birth control.
My answers led to taking a pregnancy test before he could decide that I was a suitable candidate for an xray.

2 LONG minutes and a negative pregnancy test later, I was headed to xray.
The tech snapped some shots and I was back out in the office waiting for the doc to give me the news.
(Everyone sing it with me: "Doctor, doctor! Give me the news! I gotta bad case of loving you...")

He came back in and said everything looked good.
The pain must be the fact that it was cartilage that tore and the fact that I ran almost 13 miles on Saturday was a little too much and caused it to be inflamed.
Take ibuprofen and rest it for at least a week.

In and out in just under an hour.
I was shocked!

And the news is good news!
But at the same time, I feel silly cos my foot really does hurt.
And the diagnosis sounds so, "Oh, that's all it is!"

But my plan is to pop the pills to help the inflammation go down and stay off of it for a week.
I kind of welcome the break for a week!
Especially in this heat!

I've already told 2 of the girls in the running group and also mentioned that next week, as long as all feels well, I most definitely need to run with them...to ensure I get back to it!!

This is also the week leading up to my husband's first ever Triathlon (on Sunday).
So I feel good about all of us just concentrating on his efforts this week!
I'm so excited to watch him compete on Sunday!
To be the supporting and adoring fan he's been to me through all of my running and racing adventures!
And, let's be honest, I may be a little jealous after he completes it.
I mean, what a great experience and accomplishment!

My biggest concern this week is my eating!
Y'all!! All July long I have been eating horribly!
After a year's worth of losing the weight and feeling good and proud about my progress, perhaps it's getting to my head a bit.
Like, "oh yeah, I'm this size now, I can eat whatever I want..."
NOT the case.

I am not one of those people that can eat whatever I want.
The only reason I have "maintained" a 147-151 weight over this past month is because I've been running and working out.

Remember that sweet nurse that took me in yesterday to get my weight?!?
154 stared back at me on the scale then bitchslapped me.
That's from just 2 days of not working out and horrible eating choices.

This week, all I'm doing for workouts is sticking to my crunches and pushups for #themeredithchallenge. (Love her and her!!)
So, my eating habits have to clean up their act!

I'm going to weigh myself next week and post it here so I can be held accountable for my actions!
But while we're being honest, I will tell you that Saturday, we're going to the restaurant that's sponsoring my husband's Tri and mama has been eyeing their fish tacos. So I will be eating those on Saturday night.
(Pic most likely to come on Instagram! @kbeavtann)

I've got to reign this shit in!
I didn't come this far to just lose it all!

And just because this post is vastly void of pictures...
You're welcome:


  1. YAY! So glad it is nothing serious!! A week is not bad at all and sometimes a very good thing to do even if not injured. You will be itchin so bad to run/workout that you will FLY!

    So happy for you- now go rest!

  2. I have the same problems with keeping my weight steady. Luckily, you caught it before it became too serious, good for you! Good luck with resting and eating cleaner this week, hope it does the trick for making your foot feel better.

  3. Glad it's nothing big! Good luck to your hubby doing a triathalon, that's so awesome!

    And thank you for the Luke Bryan picture :)

  4. So glad that nothing is seriously wrong! Good luck with the healthier eating. :)

    The Grass Skirt

  5. Don't give the scale too much credit though, I got weighed at the dr yesterday and it was four pounds lighter! It looks nice, but I know its not accurate. Just keep to the course and eat clean/home or whatnot.

    and kudos to hubs on his Tri!! Good luck to him

  6. I totally give myself Cheat meals when I'm being really extra good. I have to! And fish tacos wouldn't be a cheat meal for me, bc it's fish, and fish is healthy. You're welcome. :)

  7. OMG! LOVE LUKE!!! Glad that you don't have a stress facture!!

  8. Yay a week is not bad! And thanks for the eye candy.

  9. Good news on the foot! Sometimes all we need is some prescribed "rest". I'm with you in the same boat, weighed myself at the gym and am at 145 which is at LEAST 5 lbs of where I have been. Back onto tracking my food and hitting it hard at the gym (insert Luke Bryan) hopefully we can get back to our lean machine weight in no time!