Tuesday, July 9, 2013


On my 8 hour trip back from Pittsburgh, PA last week, I decided that was as best time as ever to catch up on my blog reading!

I was devastated to learn that my sweet friend, Marcia was told she had a stress fracture.

I had a revelation at my 10k back in April that I'm not sure I ever really shared on here.
I was so stoked to run that race and PR at 55:03.
But what impacted me even more than a PR was the few wheelchair-bound spectators I saw on the side lines.
Those wheelchair-bound spectators that were cheering on the thousands of runners and walkers that had the luxury of using their legs.

I had to swallow back the tears during that race when I would pass someone who was unable to run yet still cheering me on so I could accomplish my dreams and goals.
It was at that race that I coined a personal mantra: "I run for those who can't!"

(This race was 2 days before the Boston Marathon. Where that mantra proved even more inspiring!)

So when I read that Marcia's doctor sidelined her for 4 weeks, I knew right then, that I wanted to Run for Marcia!!
And seeing how hashtagging anything makes it that much more awesome, #RunningforMarcia came to be!

I told Marcia to send me what she would have run for the week; had she been able to.
So she did!
And I tried to stick to and follow her schedule as closely as possible!

I'm actually really enjoying this!
I had a bad case of the don't wants last Wednesday and the one thing that got me through those 5 miles was thinking, "Marcia would kill to run right now! So stop your bitching and get out there and run, you sissy!"

So Marcia has sent me her projected running schedule for this week.
And let me just tell you...homegirl is nuts!!!
I need to get on her level and just pray I can even log in half of the mileage she would be doing this week had she not been injured!!

But we'll see how I stack up to all of that next week.
She is my inspiration and my motivation.
I'm #RunningforMarcia


  1. You are so amazing and a fabulous friend. <3

  2. Stop, my tear ducts are empty! I am so lucky to have such an incredibly kind, and encouraging friend as you. 16 days till I go back to the doc - fingers crossed for great news :)

    Love ya MORE than cheesy tator tots :)

  3. You are such a sweet girl and what a great idea! Although when I saw 13 miles on her training plan I would have walked the other way:) Keep gettin it girl!!

  4. P.S. Thanks for your buttons on the side, I don't like bloglovin, so I have you and Mexican Meredith's web addresses memorized and now I can jump to all my favs from your sidebar :)