Friday, July 12, 2013

Running Photos Link Up Deets

THANK YOU so much for all the incredible feedback from my post yesterday!
You girls made me feel like a million bucks!!

This month is just the month of annual happenings in my weight loss life...
Next Wednesday, July 17th marks one whole year since I started running!
And to celebrate, I'm hosting a Link-Up with the beautiful, Mel!
She and I have both talked about how stellar (Read: utterly and horribly embarrassing) our race photos are!
So we thought, "Why not embarrass ourselves and have everyone else join in?!?"

Sounds like fun, right?!?!

On Wednesday, we want you to share all your professional or unprofessional running photos.
Oh, but don't stop there!
If you've just got a spectacular action shot of doing anything, we wanna see it!
(Kara - I'm looking at you and that Powder Puff football pic!)

Although all of mine will be absolutely horrid, if you lucked out and got a supermodel worthy photo, please link up and share them!
(And teach me how to not look like a complete hot mess while running!)


  1. I know this sounds funny but when I am in a race I tend to watch the sidelines for photogs. I tend to try and keep a smile on my face and when I actually DO see a photog I will smile really big or throw my hands up in some sort of crazy fashion! haha I learned early on that those race photo's can haunt you, lol!

  2. hahaha, this is going to be fun. For everyone else, my race pictures are a hot mess...

  3. Ah! I can only think of two that I have, but I'll look for them. :)