Monday, July 8, 2013

Every Weekend should be a 4 Day Weekend!

I think most of you would agree, no?!?!

Our 4th of July weekend started off with fireworks Wednesday night.
I think, as an "implant" here, I am the only one that finds it incredibly odd that the town we live in does fireworks typically the night before the 4th.
But whatevs!
My little family headed out about 9 pm and parked in a nearby lot.
(ain't nobody got time fo' going to the park with all the crowds!)

It was fun to just sit in the truck and watch the mediocre fireworks.
And Royce thought he was big stuff sitting up in the front with Mama and Dada!

On Thursday, the 4th of July, we woke up and, as a family, went out to run 4 miles.
Our very own "Freedom 4-miler"!!
It was hot and sticky, but we got it done!!
After naps and some pool time, we headed over to my in-laws for some ribs and other delicious foods!
I decided I wanted to make some festive cake balls that I'd seen on Pinterest.

I ate entirely way too much and then went to bed!!

I have no pictures from Friday because we did absolutely nothing but lounge around all day!
It was glorious!
(oh, and we finally watched Identity Thief! - Hysterical!!)

Saturday, I woke up about 6:15am so I could eat and digest breakfast before heading out for 12 miles.
And then laziness got in the way and I set out much later than planned and could only run for an hour.
So, I got a little over 6 miles in.
(I was also pleased to announce that I found some running shorts I LOVE! At Walmart and for $8.00! They're a little longer than booty shorts, so they didn't ride up! I loved them and am now on the search for more!! Thick thighs over here is rejoicing!!)

We then headed out to the lake to spend the day with some family friends!
And ended the night watching the fireworks from the boat out on the lake!

Then Sunday, Royce and I went to see a friend that just had a baby in the morning.
After naps and lounging around a little, we spent the evening...
In the garden

Bike Riding

And Eating Ice Cream

Man, I loved this weekend!!!!


  1. Even though the cake balls don't look like the Pinterest picture I bet they still tasted delish!

  2. I think that's awesome that you woke up early on a Saturday knowing you wanted to run! I have a hard time doing that, but I know that I will have to when it starts getting hotter and I have to run longer. At what point (miles) do you HAVE to eat breakfast before? On Saturday when I did 7 miles I didn't have to eat ... But I know eventually when I'm increasing distance I will need to...

  3. He's such a big boy bike riding!

    I swear we share the same brain, we just watched Identity Thief as well. She's so dang funny!

    Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  4. Looks like hella fun! Your #nailedit tag had me rolling!

  5. You made it onto buzzfeed! #6