Monday, July 22, 2013

Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said...

Well, actually upon time of publication, the doctor has not said anything.
But more on that in a bit...

I was going to recap my weekend, but what would I tell you?
That we're super awesome and go grocery shopping on a Friday night?
Or that Saturday we had the chance to hang out with our friend's new born baby?
And how adorable we would be as a family of four?
Or how we got some good old fashion pool time on both Saturday and Sunday?

Nah, I won't bore you with any of that! :)

What I really want to talk about is Saturday.
I planned to get up and run 13.1 miles. very own personal half marathon to continue on in the celebration of a year's worth of running!
I woke up at 5:45 am and already knew in my head that I wasn't going to actually do 13.1.
I was just not feeling it.
So I set out at 6:45 am to run for an hour.
I returned back 45 minutes later.

I was hot and was dealing with some mental roadblocks
Since I'm not training for anything, I've got the mentality that I refuse to push myself in this heat and humidity.
(I'm ready for Fall.
There. I said it.)

So then, around 9 am, I got this message from one of the girls in the "running group" in my town:

When I first got the message, I thought, "I don't really feel like running 8 miles and I don't know the girl all that well and I can be awkward around people I don't know and..."
But, just the night before, I was talking to my husband about how I hate having to ask this group of girls if I can run with them.
They're super nice and always tell me I'm welcome.
But I was explaining to my husband that I'd rather them reach out to me and say, "Hey Kyra, come run with us!"
And BAM!!!
The very next day, one of them was asking me to run with them!
I HAD to go!!

We set out at 7 pm Saturday evening.
It was hot, but we had the occasional breeze.
There was never a lull in conversation
(Except for those moments when neither of us could breathe, let alone hold a conversation!)
I really enjoyed running with her.
The hour and a half it took us didn't seem that long at all.
I kind of don't want to run a long distance by myself ever again. :)

About mile 6.5 my foot started to hurt.

Rewind to last Tuesday.
I was standing up from a sitting position on the floor and felt something pop in the top of my left foot.
The pop wasn't an excruciating pain.
It was more like a quick, "Ow! That was weird..."
But I could walk on it and it really didn't bother me that much.
The spot on the top of my foot would hurt occasionally depending on how I moved my foot, but nothing to be alarmed about, I felt.
I only ended up running Wednesday night last week and it didn't bother me then.
Didn't bother me Saturday morning on my almost 5 miles.
Didn't bother me Saturday evening until that 6 and a half mile marker.

It was just a bothersome pain each time I landed on it.
Still, I didn't feel there was any reason to be alarmed.
I finished out the 8 miles, came home and iced my foot.

Then I woke up Sunday and the top of my foot just hurt.
All day long.
With every step I took.

So I did what any normal runner would do...
I googled "stress fractures" and "running injuries on the foot".
And diagnosed myself with about 12 different injuries I have! :)
So I called the doctor this morning and have an appointment at 3:30 this afternoon.

Here's how I'm feeling about this...
I'm not in the middle of training for anything, so now is as good a time as any if I have to be sidelined for any length of time.

We'll see if I still feel that way if the doctor tells me I can't run for X amount of time...


  1. I have missed you posting more often!!
    First, your weekend sounds awesome to me! Do you guys have a pool? We go to my parents a lot and the kids love it! Also, you rock for running 12 miles in two different settings on Saturday! What's funny is that I didn't wake up to run 3 miles this morning, and reading that you ran at 7pm, I decided to do my run at 11am. :)
    I hope your injury isn't anything!' Keep me updated, I need a text or something!

  2. God I hate being out of my routine. And not running is definately a routine. I hope you hear good things from the dr.

  3. Ah, bummer! I hope your foot isn't a serious issue. Although it sounds like you're willing to rest it, which is key, so I bet you'll rebound quickly! Just in time for more social runs (fun)!

    I ended up doing my run last night at 7pm--I think I'm hooked on evening runs! So peaceful!

  4. Oh no! I hope it is just something common and will heal on its own.

    I also am not willing to kill myself in this heat. I see people still running normally but it is literally taking everything out of me. I also am ready for fall- there I said it too. I love summer but the heat is exhausting!

  5. Good for you for saying YES! Sorry about the foot though, I hope it's nothing big!!!

  6. I'm trying my best to get in a better mental place to push past and increase my mileage, but its hard on my own. I bet having that partner or a running buddy does make such a difference! Good for you for going!
    but boo on the possible stress fracture!

  7. I'm hyperventilating - YOU can't be broken :( My heart breaks for you chica, sending positive-its just a bruise- it'll-go-away-soon vibes your way :)

  8. I hope that it's just a minor pain that will be gone so soon! Thinking about you! HOpe the doctor goes well!!!