Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Day After

I was going to take a note from my incredible co-host and use today as a get out of jail and don't post today...
But I just had to let y'all know how much fun I had seeing everyone's race photos!
Thank you to everyone that linked up!!

And just because I had so much fun, I've decided to award my favorite with one of my favorite must-haves (for warm weather) running!
A Bondi Band

It took me forever to choose but I'm gonna have to go with Amy from A Glimpse of the Gouglers!

She's just so darn happy cos she seriously just loves running!!
Thanks for sharing your photos, Amy! 
I sent you an email!

After you're done checking out Amy's run happy photos, please be sure to also go check out Miss Leg's photos!
I have definitely taken some notes from these two and can only hope my next race photo looks like one of theirs! :)

And just because this video of my (almost) 22-month-old son was too cute not to share...

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Had a blast girl - so happy to see all the running faces:)

  2. Awwww! Thank you for the shout out! haha I think every comment on the ole blog yesterday mentioned my legs, LOL:)

    and Royce has great form! TOO CUTE!

  3. Love those happy running faces! GREAT should do it again in another year to see all the new photos!

  4. LOVE that video!!! SO adorable!!! Can't wait to run my first 5k this fall & have a running pic of my own :)