Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Action Shot Photo Link-Up

Last Thursday marked a year since I started this weight loss/healthier me journey.
Today marks ONE WHOLE YEAR that I have been doing something that I truly love.
Something I am passionate about!
Something I am constantly trying to challenge and better myself at.

To sit back and think when I started running last July, I just wanted to do anything to help lose the weight!
I started with the Couch to 5k app.
I would take my son, Royce, out in the jogging stroller and push him along while I diligently obeyed the lady on the app telling me when to run and when to walk!
When I completed the 8 weeks on the app, I kept pretty consistent running 3.1 miles almost every day!
I did a 5k in September and got about a 2 minute late start so ended up with a time of about 32 minutes.
My next 5k was Thanksgiving and came out with a 28:29 time.
I was so happy with that time!

I immediately decided I needed more races in my life and one of them needed to be a Half Marathon!
My half training began a week before Christmas and took me all the way to March!
I completed my Half in 2:19:29
Followed by a 10k at 55:03.
and then a 5k at 26:46.
And those are my current PR's (Personal Records)

And I'm all about celebrating!
I celebrated this past Saturday by running 12 miles.

1 mile for every month I've been running.
With every stride and mile I just felt so proud of all I've accomplished and so blessed to have the ability to run!
It was a great run just to reflect over this past year!

But today, I want all of you to help me celebrate!

So grab the button and link up!!

Now, before we get started, let's all be honest about how when we see a photographer along the race course we straighten our posture, perfect our stride, and look determined.
All these elements combined give you...
Well, let's just have a look-see at my super model debut!

It just so happens that all of my photos are from the PR races I listed above!!

The first: Half Marathon
It was a very small race in my hometown back in Pennsylvania, so there were no photogs.
(except for the local newspaper capturing all the fast runners....must have just missed me!)
However, one of my photog friends lives at the top of one of the hills I had to climb on the half mary course so she snapped some pics of me while all I wanted to do was highjack one of her cars to the finish line!
My distinguished "determined" face translates to my "upset stomach" face

My photog friend was able to get out of her driveway after I passed to get a pic of me crossing the finish line.

The second: 10k
Now, don't tell anyone but I had to highjack these pics from the website that was selling them.
Cos hell to the no am I buying any of these beauts!

I'd like to address two things from these race photos:
1. Keep your damn mouth shut when running by a photog. It won't kill you to breathe through your nose until you pass.
2. Yes, I wore my hydration belt that holds 40oz of water to a 10k. And yes, I was THE ONLY person to have one. I have anxiety about dry mouth when I run but after seeing this, I look ridiculous and need to further research my hydration tactics for shorter races.

The third: 5k
And just because I'm a glutton for punishment...

Let's dissect these just a bit!

Well, this was certainly embarrassing.
But I have learned some very important lessons:
- I must lift HEAVIER so my arms aren't flapping in the wind
- and there is no way I should EVER wear shorts in a race! cos there are no amount of squats that can make all my jiggle not wiggle
- Keep your mouth closed and maybe try to smile!

Seriously, folks, I cannot wait to see all of your pics!
And learn what to do and maybe even more what not to do's!


  1. Great photos! Too much dissecting! lol ;) I like that blue workout tank!!!

  2. Haha! I love them. Girl, my legs jiggle in shorts when I run, but it's too dang hot to wear anything else!!
    Also, did they not have water stations on your 10k?

  3. I love all your pictures! They show how hard you are working so don't be so tough on yourself...although very entertaining! Found your blog via Mel! Thanks for hosting the link-up and letting me join in on the fun.

    p.s. I hope to have some more awesome pictures like yours after my two races in August!

  4. Congrats on running for one year, that is awesome! And you have come so far!!

    I love the first 10K picture, damn girl, look at your fierce face!! Thanks for hosting the link-up, it was a great idea!

  5. Hi Kyra - found you through Mel & the link-up :) You're really inspiring me to want to start that C25k app!! Is there a particular one you used? Thanks chica!

  6. I just laughed so hard... I love your pics - oh the faces we make:)

  7. You crack me up! Seriously! Love all the pics!!! PS where did you get your waistband?! I need one for my half in September!!!!

  8. These are great! I love how you dissected that last one. If we can't laugh at ourselves we are just LAME! Love you and this link up!

  9. First off, I'm totally jealous of all your times. Great job for only running a year! Your pictures are great, too. Love the faces!

  10. So fast! I love your dissections! Great link up thanks for giving us all these laughs!

  11. I love your pics! Those are faces of determination if you ask me! I found you via the link up and I'm officially a new follower. I love having running blogging friends!

  12. New follower here! I can't wait to read more about your story! I want to be a runner so bad! I'm only on week 4 of C25k & not loving it at all!

  13. I love this one - you are so fast :)

  14. Congratulations on all of your PRs so far! You are totally speedy. I have that same hydration belt, and I'm totally wearing it for a 10k this weekend. A girl's gotta have her water!

  15. Congrats on the 12 months!

    P.S. I love your pics. They are too cute! Haha ;)

  16. Here from the link up! Is it weird that I love your pictures? Because they show how hard you are working and that's awesome. I hate when people make it look effortless! You work hard to get there! I say be proud of it!