Thursday, March 28, 2013

The stuff they don't tell you about running...

I love running.
I really do.
I love pounding the pavement and not thinking about a damn thing.

I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish. #runnershigh
I love pushing myself to run faster and get a new PR.
I love the weight loss effects I get from it.
I love all the fun races that are out there to participate in.  

But, to be honest, there are some things I don't love about it...
I don't love that I'm poor and can't afford all the races I really want to do. #nowacceptingsponsors
I don't love all the cost that can go into all the necessary running gear. (yes, it is really all necessary)
And most of all, I don't love the injuries and aches and pains that can come along with running.

Before I got fitted for my first pair of "legit" running shoes (hey Brooks, hey!!!!), I was dealing with knee pain and shin splints.
It was almost like they magically went away the second I laced those Brooks up.
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 - my current pair of running shoes
Until now...
I'm working on about 350-400 miles worth of wear and tear on those puppies.
(I've heard from runners/read on different running sites that you should change out your running shoes anywhere from every 350 to 500 miles)
Couple that with hip/knee pain since the half marathon.
(aka the H.A.F. - that many hills and inadequate training for them can do a number on you.)
I've been hurtin' for certain!

It's been a slow process getting back into running since my half.
Did y'all know that if you don't stretch and strengthen your hips, it affects your knees?
I went for a massage awhile ago and came up off the table when she touched my hip.
It was super tender and I couldn't handle it!
The masseuse asked me if I was having knee pain when running and explained that I would if I didn't stretch my hips properly.
I stretch before and after every run.
These are my two favorite hip stretches.

I'm still considering going back to the masseuse to get it worked on (although I dread it cos the pain from the tenderness is really unbearable when massaged!!)
Or I'm considering getting an adjustment from a chiropracter/physical therapist.

For now, I am trying yoga.
I found out one of the runners in the running group here in my area teaches a FREE yoga class on Monday nights!
The teacher is dealing with the same knee/hip pain and says yoga and other stretches have really helped her.
I'd never done yoga before but I went Monday night and really enjoyed it!
And my 3 mile run on Tuesday was the first time I ran since the H.A.F. without excruciating knee pain!
So, I will continue to go to the yoga class in hopes it only helps and makes it better.

I'm also dealing with some slight pain in the arches of my feet.
That pain isn't unbearable...more like a slight annoyance.
I'm finding that my super cute heels and wedges for work and fun aren't the best for my feet when it comes to go for a run.
But I'm not ready/dedicated to give up fashionably cute shoes for running...
Will I be pissed if I break my ankle in them or cause severe pain in my feet?
Um, hell yes.
But I'm just not willing to part with them!

So, the hubs is taking off work early and we're headed an hour and a half south to Raleigh, NC this afternoon for some family fun!
I'm most excited about hitting up Fleet Feet so I can get re-fitted for a new pair of running shoes!
Stay tuned for what pair I get!
(And most likely, see them first on Instagram @kbeavtann)

This post is not intended to deter anyone away from running.
Like I said, even amidst the not-so-pleasantries of running, I'm hooked.
I can't stop.
I won't stop.
Some days are not as great as others.
But it's always worth it!


  1. Thanks for telling me about this via IG!!! Will definitely add those stretches to what Im already doing and now I may just get fit for running shoes! I just want to make sure I'm going to stick with it before I make the investment!!

  2. ha! I agree! ... I have also found that my skin on my face has aged much faster and I have constant freckles from being outside way more... and yes, I do have a nice gap between my legs, but I can no long put things in my lap to hold them.. like my phone when I am sitting because the stuff falls right thru!

  3. Hey, most of what you write about in here is really encouraging! I'm getting a massage this Saturday (FINALLY. Had to schedule it a month in advance and I'd put it off for almost a year). I was just going to have her focus on my neck for my TMJ, but I might ask her to check into my hip! I do yoga once a week and pilates once a week and I make sure to stretch after every workout. I can't see how I could stretch this damn hip any more, but maybe I'm not stretching long enough. I read once that you have to hold a stretch for like 3 min to legitimately increase flexibility. Who has time for that? And my birthday is coming up in May (Cinco de Mayo, baby!) and I plan to get new running shoes for that, so maybe I can swing them as an early b-day present and see if that fixes it. Glad to know someone else looking into this issue!

    BTW, I love that picture you took of your heels and wedges--they ARE cute! I don't blame you for not wanting to give them up!

  4. Great info! I need to stretch more. And shoes wise I'm not committed to style enough to wear heels! Flats for this gal!

  5. First of all if you are a 6.5, I will take all of those off your hands! = ) Second of all, I am really, really hoping to get a pair of Brooks for my birthday this year!!

  6. Haha to Laura! The first thing I thought was: I wear a size 7.5 if you want me to take any of those shoes...they are all adorable and the leopard print inside? I die! Have a great weekend! I'm jealous you'll be in NC where it'll probably be warmer than Ohio. Have you thought of driving to Ohio to do a race with me, Kara and Meredith from McG family?? It would be tots awesome!! obvi bahaha

  7. Do I spy some Jessica Simpson wedges?! :)