Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 8 and Some Weekend Happenings

Good Monday morning, my people
Says the girl that doesn't actually go into the office on a Monday.

My weekend was very low key.
Which was nice considering it's felt like a whirlwind since March started.

Friday my husband came down with the virus that seems to be going through his family.
I was single-mom-status Friday night until I put the bambino in bed at 8.
And then I was lame-30-year-old-status until I went to bed at 9!

Saturday, we decided to head an hour south so we could go to Kohl's
(Read: coupons and gift cards)
And to Harris Teeter.
(Read: better healthier food selections than our Wal-Mart)

I had a nice little store credit at Kohl's since returning the monstrosity no-go swimsuit.
ORB sexy one-piece swimsuit search still in full accepting any leads!
Not to mention a 20% off coupon as well as a $10 off coupon.
I scored these little diddies...

As well as Royce's Easter shirt.
All for the total amount of $0.00 out of my pocket!

After my $0.00 purchase from Coach on Friday...
...I could totally get used to free shopping!
(Free Coach case courtesy of a birthday gift card and a 25% off coupon my girl, Laura hooked me up with!)

I ran out of Chocolate PB2 so that was my main reason for going to Harris Teeter.
But the Teet didn't have it. Say what?!?!?!?!?!
I guess they made up for it though, with their incredible selection of Luna bars.
I may or may not have bought all of these different flavors that I've yet to try.
And 2 think Thin bars I haven't tried yet.
I gotta say my opinion, Luna bars are kicking think Thin bars' ass.
I haven't found a think Thin bar I love yet.
Whereas, I haven't found a Luna bar I DON'T love yet.
I cannot wait to be done with the Cleanse so I can start to try these bad boys!

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday so the whole ride back home, my legs were aching to get out there and run.
Since my H.A.F. Mary I've been having some knee pain when it comes to running.
Those hills really messed with my hips/knees.
(P.S. Stretch those hips out before/after running! If your hips aren't strong, you're guaranteed to have some knee pain!)
Last Wednesday I went out to run 3 miles and could only handle 1.5 due to knee pain.
So, I decided to try for 3.1 on Saturday.
I encountered slight knee pain, but getting better.
I'm hoping to get my mileage back up, post Half.
As well as some speed training!
After all, I've got a 10k in a few weeks that I want to go all PR over!

Sunday, I stayed inside all day.
Me and my boys rocked our green (and randomly all had black bottoms on too!)

And, since I'm still cleansing it up over here, I couldn't indulge in green beers or a Shamrock Shake.
So I took Kara G from PG Sisters recipe for a green smoothie!
Check out the recipe here. It was quite delicious!

This is getting long so I'll try to wrap it up with a little Advocare updating.
I am on Day 8.
I updated you on how it was going and what I ate Days 1-3 here.
So here's what I've eaten Days 4-7

I've been battling a sinus/cold stuff as well as Aunt Flow showing up 4 days early.
So, with those odds against me, I can't say I feel GREAT like everyone else has said.
But I CAN say that I don't feel as terrible as I normally would under these circumstances.
So that's a plus!
And I mentioned the stomach virus that's going around in my husband's family...
I am one of the only ones that (knock on wood) has not gotten it and I've been around all the people that have, so I kind of wonder if this cleanse is the reason for my immune system not totally breaking down.

I probably won't post again about this cleanse until Thursday when it's all said and done and I can give you my results!

Have a great day!!


  1. hey!! We hit up Kohls this weekend too... our bill was more like $116 though! :( Hubby finally bought some new clothes and shoes... but I got this shirt and I HIGHLY recommend it! Its flattering and comfy! I think I will be living in it this summer... running, working out, and every day life...

  2. You are doing great girl. Love the St. Pat's green.

  3. I love that you love Kohl's so much. A girl after my own heart! Although, I must say you're way better at scoring those sweet deals than I am. Teach me! :)

  4. I love free shopping! And you guys are adorable in all your green. Too cute!

  5. Sorry your hubby isn't feeling well! Hopefully it misses you. It sounds like a great weekend regardless! Good job on the cleanse- only 2 more days!

  6. P.s., what are your plans the week of April 22nd?

  7. Hi! I just found your blog through a couple links on other blogs. I also used to be fat, then thin, then fat, then thin & then pregnant! I did it twice! I am currently at month 7 of manintaining, and I am trying to take up running. I am hoping I can draw some inspiration from you!