Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tutorial Tuesdays and Happenings

Hey y'all hey!!

You may notice my bliggity blog looks a little different.
Not to toot Hubby Jack's horn, but

Now, before you start thinking,
"I mean, it looks nice, but I'm not super impressed with his work..."
Don't even go there.
HJ didn't touch my blog.
I was all set up on his March list for him to Pimp My Blog
But some things, financially fell through on my end and had to cancel.
So rather than sit home, cry and down some festive spring-esque Zebra cakes...
psychotically stalked went back to Hubby Jack's previous "Tutorial Tuesday" posts and got to it.
Straight up redecorating style.

Here's where the "tooting" comes in...
Everything I did was SUPER easy.
Not because I'm the smartest person alive...
But because Chris is seriously a great teacher.
His tutorials were incredibly explained with screen shots to help.
(Read: His explanations were dumbed down so people like me could understand!) 

I started out creating some pages that you can see at the top.
Not all of them are filled out, but you can see my weight loss journey, recent races I've run as well as races I'm signed up to run, personal running records, and the start of my bucket list!

I then went on to creating my button.
Go ahead over there on your left and grab you one for your page! ;)

Moving on to my picture and blurb!
I'm really happy with how it turned out!

And then, lastly, just kind of cleaning things up on the sidebars and ultimately condensing all the jazz to one side!
I hope you all likey and seriously....MAD PROPS to Mr. HJ for the incredible tutorials!


As you all know from my post on Friday or from Instagram (@kbeavtann), I went to a Luke Bryan concert Saturday night.
Yeah, I'm obsessed.
But hey, he was checking me out too!

I'm just gonna share one video with y'all.
(Even though I have about 7 from that night!)
I love when singers cover songs.
Especially songs from a different genre than they sing.
Especially songs that are 2 of my favorite running songs.
Here is Luke with his two opening acts, Florida Georgia Line and Thompson Square covering Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars:


I was gonna do Jake and Holly's Link-up but I'm already super late posting this and I know homegirl could take a few hours just trying to think of an answer to all the questions.

And seeing as how it's about that time for my afternoon run, I must be off.
Mama NEEDS to run since I've seriously not stopped eating since Sunday...but more on that for Weigh In Wednesday tomorrow.
(It may not be pretty. #justsaying)

Let me just end with the reason I'm so late in getting this post up today...
We had a playdate this morning.
They had an Easter egg hunt...in one of the mommy's living rooms!
(Damn Spring, where are you?!?!)
Royce and I both love a playdate!
We need them more in our life!!


  1. Dayum Gina! LOVE the swanky new digs!!!! Chevron + glitter? Be still my beating heart honey. Great job :)

    Oh, and i totally stole ur button :)

  2. Ahhh this is the problem with reading on your phone... I can't see the do page! Must get to my desktop soon!