Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just call me Stoopid

Hey newbies!!
So glad to have you.
I plan to catch y'all up to this point in my life tomorrow when I post my Advocare Cleanse results.
So stay tuned...

Today, I need some help.
I've seen tons and tons and tons of posts about Google Reader being gone come July.
And everyone has a "BlogLovin" button on their blogs now.

Does this shit affect me??
I log onto Blogger and all my sweet little blogs that I read show up on that page.
So, I read all of them from that location.

Do I need to join Bloglovin' so I will still be able to have easy access (twss) to all my faves??
I'm so confused!

Thanks! And let's just keep this little "I am clueless" secret to ourselves, shall we?!? :)


  1. Yeah, boo town. I'm not sure if it affects the blogs we follow, but the way you read them in one "sweet place".

  2. Exactly that ^. You wont be able to read them through Blogger like you do now. Bloglovin' has made it really easy to link up your blog and transfer all your favs, I just did it myself. I don't want to miss anything, so I figured better to be safe & just go for it.

  3. from what I read, you will be able to still read blogs powered by blogger through blogger. Blogs that are not powered by blogger will disappear. This is just what I found online, so who knows if it is true or not.

  4. OMG, I'm so glad you asked b/c I was wondering the same thing! I did sign up for bloglovin and put the button on my blog so those that are using it can find me on there easily. And I added all the blogs I follow to bloglovin so if how I read them on Blogger DOES go away I'm all set. Until then I'll continue reading them on Blogger!

  5. I was just wondering that myself--I think you can see them through Blogger still. But just to be safe, I imported my Google Reader blogs to Bloglovin and slapped a Bloglovin button on my sidebar. Why the hell not? ;-)

  6. This is so annoying - why fix it if it ain't broken ... grrr Thanks for asking because I wasn't sure what this was all about either!

  7. I'm with Erin.. I am doing the same thing...

  8. I don't know either! I was hoping I could still read them in my blogger dashboard!