Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just a girl that used to be fat, then thin, then fat, then thin...

Hi friends! Old and New!
I am seriously so happy to have each and every one of you!

I am hoping to sit down and follow Hubby Jack's tutorials on how to Pimp My Blog very soon.
Including creating page tabs at the top so you can find such info as About Me
But since I've slacked on that to this point, I'm gonna give you a quick recap of how I got here today.

From about 4th grade - 10th grade I was fat.
I'm talking well over 200 pounds at my highest.
I lost a slew of weight my junior-senior years of high school (2000-2001) just by learning portion control.
Seriously....that's all.
It was through a program at my church called "The Weigh Down Workshop"
10th grade year book pic. Sweet bangs, Kyra!

Senior pic
 I fluctuated through college (who doesnt?!?)
 But my lowest ever weight was 132 in 2003.

From about 2004-2007 I stayed between 140-150 pounds.

In 2007, I started dating (my now-husband) Michael.
2008 I gained a lot of weight.
Almost tipping the scale at 200.
I had heard that sometimes being in love causes weight gain...
But 50 pounds in a year is A LOT of love!

I had a regular check-up doctor visit and they commented on my rapid weight gain in a year and wanted to take some blood to check my thyroid.
Sure enough, I had Hypothyroidism.
This affects your metabolism, causing it to not work as fast and as effectively.
I was glad to have a "medical condition" that aided in the weight gain.
That way, it wasn't my fault, right?!?!
(Cause it had nothing to do with eating whatever the hell I wanted and not working out at all!) 
I got on medication for it and I also got a gym membership.
September of 2009 brought our engagement, so that motivated me even more to workout!

May 2010 I was 137 for my brother's wedding.
 With my beautiful, Sissybabes

But, with wedding planning and wedding stress, I was probably 140-145 by my wedding date of June 19, 2010

Fast forward 6-7 months and we find out I'm pregnant!
Fast forward (although it's really not that fast!) and I'm weighing in at 202 pounds, 9 months pregnant

Royce was born on September, 22, 2011.
Just having a baby, no time to eat and post-partum depression all do wonders for weight loss.
By Halloween I was down to 176.
Then, my depression meds and getting the hang of mommy-hood kicked in and I was teetering anywhere from 190-200 pounds from November 2011 - July 2012.

By July 2012, Royce was 9 months old.
I'd heard countless times when I'd complain about my weight, "It takes 9 months to put on that weight [with a baby], it'll take 9 months to come off."
Hence, my blog name!

Well, it was past 9 months and I was still fat.
I remember reading Mama Laughlin's blog after finding it through Pinterest.
I stayed up way too late one night reading a ton of her posts.
She had a post about how she knew how it felt to be sad about your weight and how you look.
But how she also knew how it felt to drop the weight.
(I searched and searched her page for that post and cannot find it to link it up here. sorry!)
I sat there crying as I read it and it lit a fire under my ass.
I printed it out and hung it up on my fridge.
Where it still is today!

I was ready to start my own blog so I could be held accountable to lose the weight.

July 11, 2012 was my very first post letting the blog world know why I was here.
And the very next day, July 12, 2012 I posted my beginning weight of 190 and my before pic.

I didn't really have a game plan going into it.
I was going to clean up my eating and I signed up for My Fitness Pal (@kyratanner)
I started out walking while pushing my son in his stroller.

I talked about how I might start running.
And kind of on a whim, I started the C25K around the beginning of August.

Fast forward, and I just ran my first ever H.A.F. (Hilly As Fuck) Marathon 2 weeks ago!

From 190 pounds to running my first Half Mary in 7 freaking crazy is that?!?

And that's basically how I lost about 30-35 pounds.
Eating healthy and running like a boss.
Check out my PR's (Personal Records) on different run distances on the left!

Immediately after completing the H.A.F. I started the 10-day Advocare Cleanse.
(I won't mention that I had gained about 4 pounds being back home in PA for a week....WHAT!?!?! I was carb loading!!)
For 10 days, I ate squeaky clean as well as took the supplements that come with the Advocare program.
I already posted what I ate as well as some brief thoughts and feelings about the cleanse that you can read here and here.

I do have to admit, now that my sinus/cold stuff is mostly gone, I do feel pretty fantastic!
Energized. No "slumpy" feeling. Ready to go.
I also feel "smaller".

But let's see what the the stats say about that...
                            Before                            After
Weight:               159 lbs                          152 lbs {loss of 7 lbs}
Arms:                   13"                               12 1/2" {loss of 1/2"}
Chest:                 36 1/2"                             36" {loss of 1/2"}
Waist:                   36"                                 35" {loss of 1"}
Hips:                    38"                               37 1/2" {loss of 1/2"}
Thighs:               23 1/2"                              23" {loss of 1/2"}

7 pounds and 3 inches in 10 days?!?!
I'll take it.
I promise I'll get my photographer to take a better pic of me soon!!

So there you have it folks, since starting this journey in July 2012, I've lost 38 pounds!

Thanks to those of you that have been around awhile and continue to encourage me every day.
And I'm excited to have all of you newcomers to be even more encouraged by!

I'm thinking giveaway when I get to 100 followers!
Perhaps a few of my favorite things...
Spread the word!

And lastly, if you're new around these parts, please leave me a comment so I can get to know you! :)

Happy Thursday!!!!


  1. Holy Cow! I am so proud of you. Although I'm not new around these parts I feel like I know you so much better, so thank you for writing! I'm so amazing at how different you look from losing 38 pounds! You look like a new person! SO great job!! :)

  2. I am a PA native too, but living in MI! Your story is awesome. I so want to love running but it is just so hard to get out there and make myself do it. You look fantastic!

  3. You look great! All the cleanse posts floating around blog land inspired me to eat {mostly} clean for a week. I've lost 3.5 lbs so far. I want to run the Disney Princess half marathon next January, but I am terrified! What training plan did you use?

  4. What a great story! It seems like you've been on such a weight roller coaster and that had to be hard--but with a tricky thyroid, it DOES make sense! I agree that I feel like I know you way better now that I've read your full story--thanks for sharing! :)

  5. 1.) I read this post, twice. And cried both times. Thank you, thank you for sharing your story. It is incredibly brave and real.

    2.) Your brother and you BOTH got married a month apart? #holyawesome #stresssandwich

    3.) HAPPY DANCE and CONGRATS on your AMAZING results!

    4.) I'm officially going back to read every post, from the beginning, right now. #pleasedontcomeinmyofficeimbusyworking

    Love you lots like tator tots!

  6. Awesome post! Your an inspiration to me! I had my son in March 2012 and I am JUST NOW getting serious about losing the weight! Just started C25K last week as well! AND just started a new blog (

    So glad I found your blog and am excited to read upcoming posts!

  7. Kyra that is freaking awesome!!! Good for you for sticking it out and giving it your all! Tht is an incredible weight loss! Like I said, let me know if you want to do it in may too ;)

  8. Awesome Job! you look fantastic! Great job on your Half Marathon!

  9. I love your spirit, your post and your blog! Brilliant and inspiring and real. I found you through Marcia and I just had to say congrats on being so positive and beautiful!

  10. You look great!! Wow, 38 pounds since July! You are so ridiculously awesome!

    I'm so glad you started a blog. Now I need to go run. Ha.

  11. Amazing! What a journey! You look amazing and I really want to do a half!

  12. Omg! What an amazing story! I had no idea you you started running and our journey just this summer! And have already ran a half! And your flicking pace rocks!

  13. I loved this post! Great job on the cleanse! Are you going to continue to eat clean? I have for about a week now and feel awesome...well about 80% clean. I didn't realize our little ones were so close in age! Eliza was born Aug. 3rd, 2011. Keep it up lady!

  14. I found your blog while googling about advocare results. I'm starting later this week. Great blog!