Thursday, March 14, 2013

Advocare Cleanse

It's been nice jumping around on the blogs today and hearing the results of all the lovely ladies who have officially finished the 10-day cleanse.
Way to go, dolls!

But you're gonna have to wait till next Thursday to hear my results since Meredith and I didn't start till this past Monday.

I didn't really have an exact plan going into this.
(so unlike me...Miss OCD Organized).
The week before I left for Pennsylvania, I printed out the Advocare bible and highlighted all the important stuff.
 I took it with me in PA, but lezzzzbehonest, I was too wrapped up in all things H.A.F Marathon (Hilly.As.Fuck. - thanks to the BIL and Sissybabes for this fabulous acronym!)

So, Sunday night, when we got back to Virginia, I sat down and read through the link up Skinny Meg hosted with some cleanse-approved eats as well as went back through some old IG pics that I knew I'd seen some people post.
I finally compiled my list and went grocery shopping.
I still really didn't have meal plans as much as a bunch of approved foods on the cleanse that I would just make shit up as I go!

Basically, I've got my "bible" on my kitchen counter and each night after I put the bambino to bed, I write down my menu for the next day.
It just makes it that much easier the next day to know what I'm going to make.

So, I'm currently on Day 4 and so far today, this is my favorite eating day.
Everything I have on the menu for today sounds so good and I can't wait to eat it!

I worked out for the first time yesterday while on the cleanse and since the HAF.
I did the interval treadmill workout.
I felt fine doing it.
My knees are still bothering me a little, but it'll get better!
I was starving after and couldn't wait to eat my extra meal since I worked out!!

Day 1 I didn't have any coffee.
I went in not knowing if I was willing to give that up or not.
Day 2,3,and 4....totally had it.
I was dragging, cold and had a killer headache.
It was black though, so that counts, right?!?
Eh, sue me!

I don't feel entirely energized, but that could be due large in part to my sick baby boy and the lack of sleep he (read: me) is getting.
Probably not a good combo to not be getting great sleep and doing the cleanse.
Not to mention I feel as though my immune system is trying to decide if it wants to revolt against me or have pity on me.
I feel on the cusp of getting sick, but so far I'm not down.
It's also the week before Aunt Flow.
Which is typically my hell week!

So, the odds are stacked against me, but I have a feeling that my little guy will start to feel better soon, I will get more sleep and the great benefits of this cleanse will prevail!
I know it will!!
(Heck, this cleanse may be the reason I'm not sick! That, in itself is a total benefit!!)

Speaking of my sick little man...he started out with the cold-like flu last Thursday and that led to an ear infection...his first one in his almost 18-month-old life.
He's on an antibiotic and I swear it is making this kid bat shit crazy!
Are antibiotics known to do that?!?

Well, there you have it, kids!!
I'm off to do my 3 mile run outside! 

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