Friday, June 21, 2013

Wedding Day Link Up

So, as the story always seems to go...
I'm a day late and a dollar short!
I have not read a blog since Monday and if it weren't for IG, I wouldn't know about the fabulous link-up Mel and Holly did yesterday!

Wednesday was my 3 year wedding anniversary and as per usual, I went through our wedding pictures.
I don't go through them much at all these days...basically only on our anniversary.
But the memories all came back as I looked through the pictures and I wanted to share ALL of them with you guys!

Ok, so maybe not ALL cos no one has time to look through a 500 picture blog post
Let's just highlight a few faves!

We got married on June 19, 2010.

And let me just tell you...2010 was the year of weddings for us.
We attended a total of 12 that year.
I was a bridesmaid in 3 of those 12.

And then, of course, our own wedding!

The Dress!
I knew I wanted that "pick-up" effect and I wanted my pop of color in there somehow.
My mom actually bought this dress for me BEFORE I was ever engaged.
You know, as the girl that dreams about her wedding day, I would get online and look at dresses occasionally.
I found this one and loved it!
It was simple, perfect, and cheap!
So you gotta buy it while the getting is good!
(and it was seriously just a few months before he proposed that we bought it! 
I knew that man wanted me!) ;)

The Wedding Colors!
"Bright Ass Purple and Lime Green"is what I told anyone who asked about what colors I was doing.

The Wedding Party!

We both had 6 each.
My 'maids consisted of my sister, 2 cousins, my husband's sister, and 2 of my friends.
His guys consisted of his dad, my brother, my brother-in-law, a cousin, and 2 friends
And just because I love this shot...

Our Song!
We both dig 80's rock and I wanted something that no one else in those 12 weddings that year was gonna use.
So our first dance was to "When I Look Into Your Eyes" by Firehouse

The Cake!

I looked at tons and tons of pictures of wedding cakes.
I saw one done in all color and fell in love.
I knew right away that I wanted my cake to be iced in lime green.
The bottom layer was just plain white cake that I asked our caterer to dye "bright ass purple" - I loved that detail.
The rest of the layers were chocolate, raspberry and lemon!
So delish!!

The Favors!
Coozies, duh?!?!
On one side it had "Michael & Kyra June 19, 2010"
On the other side was "The Perfect Pair" with pears.
And the bottom says "Eat Drink and Be Married"

These were a hit as they fit perfectly around the cups that were used for the massive amounts of alcohol at the reception.
The left picture isn't that great, but that's the "bar" area.
3 bartenders serving I can't even tell you how many different liquors and mixes.
Down south, they have a party prior to the wedding called a "Stock the Bar party" where everyone invited brings some type of alcohol to literally stock the bar at the wedding.
So we got a good bit from that party, and then, of course, my father-in-law bought copious amounts of more liquor so as to make sure no one went thirsty.
(Needless to say, no one went thirsty, but we still have bottles of liquor left over from the wedding!)
And then we had 2 kegs of beer!

My husband was feeling REAL GOOD that night.
And I constantly had a drink in my hand that whole night...of water!
I was so hot and so thirsty, I couldn't get enough water!
In fact, I think the only alcohol I had that night was the one glass of champagne for our toast!

The Party!
I mean, we broke it down!
This is the one part of my wedding I want to repeat over and over again!
Just having a whole bunch of the people I love, in one place, having a great time!
It meant the world to me!!

The Honeymoon!
We honeymooned in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
I became obsessed with that little rock formation you see behind us.
"El Arco"
I often have thoughts of, "Man, I want to go back to Cabo!"
And we will.

The wedding planning sucks, takes forever, and is stressful.
But the finished product is amazing!
Yeah, I'd do the wedding all over again!



  1. We did can coozies too and I love seeing people use them 2 years later. I love the bright ass purple and lime green!

  2. Love it! Your colors were awesome and that dance floor looks like a party!! We did koozies in our welcome bags and everyone loved them. They said
    Bechtel + Greer = Beer ...haha I was proud of myself for that one!

  3. Ypu were a gorgeous bride honey!!! FOund you through he link up and Im your newest follower!!! I loved the picture. How did you get the I Do on your shoes? Oh Im also really enjoyn that there was lots of alchy!!!!

  4. so amazing and glad I could get some more deets on the wedding cake. I also love the purple tuxedo shirts! They say "I'm professional, but I'm also here to party"--if that's how the quote goes.
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. WHy don't we go to Cabo instead of Vegas?? ;)

  6. I love your wedding and love looking at pics 100 times! The colors, the decor, the bride and her girls...I love it all! Happy Anniversary!

  7. The soles of your shoes are adorable - great pics! And oh my word Cabo - I need to go there...

  8. How lovely the soles and spoon. Do you have so many lovely girls, their clothes are so attractive. I most like the bride's wedding dress, that is so harmonious and splendid. Every girl on the day of the wedding wear a wedding dress appropriate is very envy letting a person.

  9. It shows here that you had a blast on your wedding day and your motif is somewhat unique. Thanks for sharing the highlights as well as the pictures to your readers.