Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trend Spin: Floral

I must say...Fashion Blogger, I am not.
But I am really digging these Trend Spin link-ups!

This week is florals.
Typically, I think of shirts and dresses with bright and vibrant colors.
And I have quite a few of those in my closet.
But today, I'm just sharing with you my current favorite piece of floral clothing:

Floral Jeans:

And just one shot for when I pretend to be a fashion blogger

Take time today to stop and smell the roses!



  1. I think these pants are fabulous! Stopping by rom the Trend Spin linkup!


  2. Kyra - I love these!! I might have to go check out kohls again!! These look great! I just bought my first pair of printed denim yesterday, polka dots!! Thank you so much for linking up. Chambray next week. ; )

  3. I love your fashion blogger pic and that you're linking up! You are too cute and fashionable!

  4. those jeans are so pretty and unique, love them!