Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

Here we are.
Another Monday.
Another weekend recap.

I will forewarn you...
This could be very boring.
We didn't do a whole lot but the weekend still seemed to fly by!

Saturday, I woke up and decided I wanted to get in a long run.
8 was the number in my head.
The weather was absolutely amazing.
Low 70's!
The run just felt awesome!
And it was the longest I've done since my Half.
I think I need to bring the distance runs back into my Saturday summer mornings!

After that, I took a nap with my sweet little baby and then my little family went to the pool.
Where I took no pictures because I was too busy trying to keep up with my water baby!
I'm so glad he loves the water, but he sure gives Mama a workout!

Sunday was Father's Day, of course!
When Royce woke up, we had to put together our little gift for "Da-da".
Royce is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so when I saw this card, it was just perfection!

We were just giving him money to go towards his new Triathlon bike, but I saw this cute idea from my sister's post about Father's Day ideas.
Since my husband has started getting serious about his weight loss/healthy lifestyle, he's scaled back on eating junk and his sugary love of Mt. Dew, but for Father's Day, I thought he deserved a treat!
And boy loves him some popcorn and soda!

We had brunch over at my in-laws house.
Then, it was naptime for little man.
So, while he napped, we got his new pool all ready to swim in when he woke up.
I even got to enjoy a little wine and sun time alone for a bit!

I can really get used to Royce's love of being outside!
And particularly outside, in water!

We ended the night just lounging and hanging out!
And I love to see my boys cuddle!
Melts. My. Heart.


  1. OMG my in laws have the pool and the kids were in that this weekend too. AGH!!!

  2. Nice run! I always have a # in my head too. I don't ever know why I choose the # that I do but I never just GO out and run. I always have a distance in mind. Is that bad? haha

    and Love the Father's Day treat! Too cute and so is that little man!!

  3. Awesome job on the 8 miles! And again, you were fast!

    Sounds like a great weekend - your son is too cute!

  4. 8 miles, way to go!!!! I haven't gotten past 2.5 yet, but I'm working on it! That pool is adorable, my daughter would love it :)

  5. Great job on the 8 miles, that number is still so intimidating to me - I hope after my first half it will be no big thing like it wasnt to you :) Great job and your family is precious :)

  6. Great run!! Do you think you will start running 8+ miles without even having a half signed up? I just wonder what I'll do after my half. Probably keep it at 5, haha.