Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Hubster's Journey

In keeping with the main theme of this blog, weight loss, I wanted to tell y'all about my husband's journey over the past couple of months!

In my personal weight loss journey, I started becoming very aware of all the health benefits of dropping the weight and becoming fit.
I so badly wanted those benefits for my husband!
But I knew me "nagging" (Does anyone else's husband LOVE to use that word??) wouldn't get the job done.
So I didn't say a word.

Just being the example...
of cleaning up my eating and being persistent and consistent with my running and exercise and race accomplishments was enough to make him decide that he wanted the same results!

Let's start with some pictures to do the talking!

This was the hubs and I April 2010
We had both lost some weight for our wedding that was just 2 months away from this picture.

Fast forward to May of 2012 after wedded bliss, pregnancy (my loving hubs gained the "sympathy pregnancy weight" with me - so sweet!) and life and here we are.
This was Mother's Day, May 2012.
2 months before I got serious and started on my weight loss journey.

From July 2012-January 2013 I lost about 30 pounds.
I guess that was enough for the hubs to take notice and think, "Hmm, maybe I should do something about my weight!"

I remember after Super Bowl weekend (Feb 3, 2013), Michael mentioned he was going to try to lose some weight.
Husband and wife chugging a beer at my 30th birthday party - Feb 2, 2013 #classy

Us on Super Bowl Sunday
Since deciding that, he's lost about 30 pounds!!

But, it hasn't been till about the middle of May that he's gotten really seriously about getting healthy.
He's lost 10 of those 30 pounds total in just this past month.
He downloaded My Fitness Pal.
He's been taking his lunch and snacks to work instead of getting whatever everyone else wants to order out for!
He started out running.
This was him finishing at a free 5k we both participated in on May 18th.
He pushed Royce in the stroller the whole time, then went back and ran some more to complete a full 5k!  
(The course was measured a few tenths of a mile short.)
And, that shirt he's wearing is one I got for him for Easter that was a little too snug at that time!

But then, one day, towards the end of May, I get this text from him
Yes, my husband is in my phone as his full name. It's what I put in when we first met and I've never changed it! haha
You might think my first response, "Oh yeah???" is a little rude.
Well, the thing with my husband is he gets really into one thing and then a couple months later, he's on to the next.
So, to be honest, I didn't entirely believe that this would all stick!

But, July 27th is the date of the Tri that he's already signed up for!
He's also bought a bike and lots of gear in preparation.
He's biked and/or ran pretty much every day since he's stated he was going to do this.
(I have to encourage him to take a rest day!)

I am truly just amazed at his dedication.
And the fact that it's all on his own doing.
Not because I'm making him do it.
But because he wants it!

I can't wait to be at his Triathlon, cheering him on and watching him finish!
I might cry!
I love the example we are being to our son and can't wait for the day he chooses to complete a 1-mile fun run or 5k race!! (But not too soon, baby boy!! Mama's not trying to rush anything!!)

I am continuously reminded that our health is a gift!
Our ability to exercise is a gift!
Be thankful for that gift and go out there and work your ass off!


  1. I nominated you for a Liebster - check out today's post :)

  2. That's so awesome! I love his enthusiasm. My husband also gained the pregnancy weight with me, only I was able to drop mine! Ha ha!