Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My favorite color is NeoN!!

Ok, so I know that's a lyric form a country song.
And I know he's talking about the NeoN lights on the bar signs.
But I like the song because I take that line literally.
I LOVE NeoN colors!!

(I have no idea why I enjoy writing NeoN with two capital N's...but I do!!)

I've been in kind of a slump, down in the dumps kind of mood these past few days.
It might have something to do with a monthly "visitor".
And it definitely has a lot to do with the fact that I just came home from a weekend in PA.
I always get kind of sad for a few days after leaving there!

So, I thought participating in Laura's NeoN link up a day late might BRIGHTEN my mood a little!


I honestly thought I had a lot more NeoN in my clothing repertoire.
Turns out, I just have the same exact shirt in many different NeoN colors!

And my personal fave of this same exact shirt is the NeoN orange!

Have a psychedelic day!!


  1. Haha! I love that you have the same shirt in different colors. I do that all the time if I love one! Sorry you are having a bad few days. Me too girl. Lets meet for wine. ;)

  2. I hope your week gets a little better. I have those days (or months) for sure. I love your neon. Is that the VS Pink cropped tee? Curious because if it is, I have the exact same one in 7 colors no lie! I sleep in a different one almost every night and wear them to lounge in and be guilty that I'm not at the gym lol. Thank you die linking up Kyra! Floral next week! ; )

  3. I lOVE that shirt! I love the fact that you have it in every color... I tend to do that too. When you find something you love you have to snag it up!

  4. Did you just realize they're all the same shirt? Because if so, uh that is hilarious! It's a cute shirt, though, so who can blame you?

  5. LOVE the top! Hope your week gets better :)

  6. Chin up gf! You look super cute in your multiple shirts and I LOVE your glasses!

  7. I love that shirt! Where is it from?? Hope you feel better soon, I'm sure coming back from an awesome weekend away makes it worse but get out there and get your speed up :)

  8. Love love that shirt!! Tell me wear you got it? Vs-pink? And again your glasses are sexy!