Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5th is National Running Day

Hey kids!!
Am I the only one that is seriously excited to know that today is National Running Day?!?

I guess I just feel like this is a day that I can truly be a part of.
I say, with pride, "I am a runner!"

 I plan to do an easy 3 miles this evening and enjoy every second of it!

I have been working hard at speed training for the past month.
I've included Fartlek, treadmill intervals, and Yasso 800s.
I can tell I'm getting stronger in these techniques.
Cos even though I'm dripping with sweat and panting my breath, I COMPLETE THEM.
I'm excited to keep speed training up for all of July and August!
As hard as it is, it's still super fun!!

My 5k is this Friday night.
My official 5k race PR to date is 28:29 (November 2012).
("Official" meaning at an actual timed race, not one of the 3.1 mile runs I do every week)
For this particular race, I want to get under 26 minutes.

I want this so freaken bad, I'm having nightmares about it!
The other night dreamed I was running in this race and it flew by.
As I was running in this dream, I had the thought, "Oh, I'm for sure gonna get under 26 minutes..."
Only to find out that my time was 28 something...slower than the PR I mentioned above!!
I was devastated!

Must. get. a. grip!

I know I've worked hard up until this point and I'm excited to see how it all pans out on Friday!

And because I spent way too much time on Google images searching for running quotes, allow me to share a few more of my faves...


Happy National Running Day!!
Tell me why you run...


  1. Ahh I wish I would have known this yesterday- then maybe I would have ran today instead! But maybe I'll do my HIIT today instead of tmrw, we will see ;)

  2. Hey, you've been training hard for it! You'll PR no problem!

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    1. Hey girl! I was looking for your e-mail address on here but didn't see it. :/

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