Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Everybody needs their mama!

My mom has been visiting for the past 5 days.
(She lives in Pennsylvania, where I'm from. So that's about 5 hours from where I live now.)

She's a teacher so summer allows her to linger longer on her visits down yonder!
And it was wonderful!!

Royce loved playing with her.
They have this secret code where she screams and shakes her head.
And Royce, in return squeals and shakes his whole body!
It's the cutest thing! :)

She weeded in front of our house! (Best mother award?? I think so!!)

She bought me a brand spanking new jogging stroller!

She joined Royce and I on our morning jaunts!

She washed the dishes and vacuumed the living room!

She was here for me just to talk to!

She was basically a complete joy to have around!!

Here are some pics from her stay with us!

UGH!! Weeding...and in the hot summer sun!
New jogging stroller
That's mom holding Royce, but I just had to share this picture for the shirt! Royce's Uncle Kellen and Aunt Tiffany got it for him. That"s Waldo on the side of the shirt and it says "Dude, I'm right here!" Hysterical!

Two of my and Royce!

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  1. That's so nice of your momma to come visit for a whole 5 days! I'm sure it was a great time for you and Royce! I love the last picture! Oh and nice stroller! :0)