Monday, August 6, 2012

Cake Weekend

I can sum up this past weekend in one word.
Ah, hell, I can't forget Ice Cream.

I can sum up this past weekend in one four words.

And by "weekend" I mean, Thursday - Sunday.

Thursday, we had a play date at "Reese's house".
(Translation: Reese is the 10 month old, but she runs the house, so it's clearly hers! You know, kinda like how Royce lets me live at HIS house!)
 Ok, so this pic is actually from the play date in June. This bad mommy brought her camera but didn't take any pics at this most recent play date.
The cool thing about all these babies....they were all born in September 2011 (well, except for the toddler in the back!) September 7th, 16th (2 born on this day), 19th and 22nd!
Anyway, all the mommies brought delicious items to eat. (I took hummus and carrots and pretzels...I was trying to behave!) While there was no cake or ice cream here, I did manage to steer off my healthy eating. But didn't do as poorly as I normally would!

Thursday night we headed on over to my work's Company Picnic where healthy eating was, again, not an option.
(However, not too too shabby on my part! I totally practiced portion control!)
This is where the ice cream started!
I got a scoop and shared it with my little man.
(And my little guy doesn't play around! If I stop feeding it to him to take a bite myself, he gets MAD! So he really helps me in not indulging too much myself. But then he loads up on the sugar!)

Friday was pretty good. We were invited to go hang out with my in-laws and their friends who occasionally get together to drink wine and eat yummy finger foods. We had some stuff to get done, so we never ventured out that way...and probably a good thing, cos I would have wanted some wine and that would have made my fingers pick up a little too many cheese and crackers! :)
My little man and I DID indulge in some Greek fat free frozen yogurt. They come in 3 little 100 calorie containers. So, we sat on the kitchen floor and shared one of the deliciously refreshing frozen treat!

Saturday, we had yet another play date at my sister-in-law's house with another mother and her son. (Uriah...who is also a September 2011 baby. Born on the 13th.)
Yes, it was a cold December down here! ;)
Uriah and Royce
A very spontaneous decision was made to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday Saturday night.
And guess what that meant....those 4 ugly words!
I actually offered to cut the cake and dish out the ice cream for everyone. I figured it kept me away from being able to sit down and eat it.
Once everyone was served, I did cut a tiny, TINY piece.
(Seriously, it was possibly almost 2 inches long and not even an inch thick...super self control on my part!)
AND....I jumped on the trampoline prior to the cake, so they totally canceled each other out! :)
me and my little man on the trampoline!

And now Sunday.
We were invited to my friend's son's 1st birthday party. (not a September baby!)
There was an array of delicious foods!
I sampled a few (portion control!)
AND, of course...shared cake and ice cream with my little man.
The birthday boy, Carson enjoying his cake. Kinda how i look after eating cake!
So, all in all, I feel I did pretty well given all the food situations thrown my way!

Since it's Monday, I was allowed to step on the scale this morning.
185 and holding...which means I didn't lose....BUT I DIDN'T GAIN!! :)

And this coming weekend is not looking good eating-wise either!
We're headed to Pennsylvania Wednesday night and have 2 separate family functions on Saturday and Sunday. Which WILL include delicious food and most likely....CAKE AND ICE CREAM!

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