Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Support than Victoria's Secret

So, a week ago, I wrote a blog about Calorie Count.

Well screw Calorie Count.
I've moved on to My Fitness Pal instead. Basically, they're both generally the same idea but MFP is far superior. (Think CC as the Screech to MFP's Zach Morris...)

*every time I've typed in Calorie Count, I've spelled that second word as "cunt". Sorry for the frankness that word offers, but I think that's a sign that it's no bueno compared to My Fitness Pal! :)*

In other news, some fine ladies branched off of Mama Laughlin's blog and created a Facebook group. Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp. There are over 3,000 fabulous ladies (sweat sisters) in the group.

I posted my username for MFP (as well as this blog) for all 3,000 of these sista's to see.

Originally I just wanted to use MFP to track my calories and progress, but I thought, why not get some friends along the way??

In a matter of minutes after that post, I had friend request after friend request on My Fitness Pal!

And the cool thing is, when I log the exercise calories I burned, that automatically shows up on the news feed. So then I get lots of comments telling me "Way to go!", "Great Job!"...

And they're just commenting to show support, not because they expect anything from you!

I can't tell you how nice it is to have other ladies (complete strangers at that) supporting you and encouraging you! As opposed to the cattiness we all can endure from we, as women, being jealous of one another.

It's just refreshing.
And it motivates me even more.
And it tells me, that when we stick together and encourage each other, we, as skinny bitches, can take over the world!!

Thank you, skinny bithces!

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  1. Great post! Awesome that complete stangers can bond and encourage one another.