Friday, August 10, 2012

C25K 30DS WTH?!?!?

Ok, so I'm over my piss poor mood today!

The better mood is also helped by 3 sweet cousins all together!
My nieces are both here at my mom's and Royce and Camdyn are currently happily playing together.
(Don't worry, I'll share some pics later!)

I didn't run yesterday cos I felt like death.
And it's raining this morning, so I didn't go this morning.
I know....I could've gone in the rain.
My mom could have watched Royce so I could've gone out by myself.

But I chose laziness.
It's hard cos when I come to Pennsylvania, I feel like it's a "vacation".
So all usually goes out the window.

Exhibit A: Not running this morning

Exhibit B: Eating 8 Chicken Wings for dinner last night and of course, dipping them in ranch dressing.
Now, I did very well the rest of the day. I only went over 220 calories on my daily goal of 1200. Which is not too bad considering the highly nutritious wings and ranch!

You have my word that I will either run or take a nice stroll at some point today!

And I don't think I told y'all that I was dong the C25K.
I've been using this for the past 2 weeks. I'm currently on Week 3 Day 1.

Annnnd,  my sister-in-law (shout out, Tiffany!!) gave me her copy of the 30 Day Shred so my Granddad can illegally make a copy for me.
So, when I get home I'll become a "shred head"

I've heard so much about both the C25K and 30DS so I'm excited to get my work out on and see my results!

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