Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thick Thursday

Well, I am just a beaming ray of sunshine!

Consider yourself warned.

We traveled up to my hometown in Pennsylvania last night for a long weekend visit.
Royce can sometimes not be the best car seat rider, so we have to time our trips around when our little angel will sleep. It's about a 5 hour trip and he slept 3 hours (9:30pm-12:30am) and he did well the 2 hours prior to that when he was awake.

Now let's get to the shit storm...
At one of the stops, I went to the bathroom only to realize it looked as though I was starting my period. Great! I didn't pack any of those necessities (ever since I got our beloved Miss Dot/Aunt Flow back after pregnancy and thereafter - aka, a blissful, non-nuisance 15 months of my life - it's never been "on time" and actually comes like every 40-45 days...maybe. Thus the reason I didn't pack  shit in regards to the lovely that is that nasty punctuation point.)
We got to my moms at 12:30 am. Royce wakes up. We unload the car and unpack a few things. About 1am, I decide it's a good time to get Royce back to sleep... with no success until 3am.
In the bed, with me.
Shoot me.
Fast forward about 4 restless hours and we're back up at the usual 7am.
Shoot me again.

My period has indeed started and in full force with nothing but a panty liner on.
(and cramps like a bitch!)

But alas, it is Thick Thursday indeed.
I come to you with absolutely no inches lost. (Blaming it on the bloat)
One thing I did like was using my mom's scale!
It's the dial-type one (As opposed to our electronic one. You know, the one that's probably the most accurate to the doctor's you don't get a huge surprise when you have to go to the doctor's!)
So my mom's read 180.

But that's why I weighed myself at our house yesterday morning.
(Yes, it was not a Monday or Thursday, but I did it to get a more accurate account of my weight. I did it for y'all. So get off my nuts! - I wanna smack my husband when he says this. But I have to admit, it felt good to use it just now!)

Anyway, I weighed in yesterday morning at 184.
(Womp, womp, womp.)
That's a pound lost.
But for the weekend, I'm going with the 180 on my mom's scale! :)

I'm not terribly disappointed. I'm just cranky. And in total period mood.
So, I'm punishing you.
No Thick Thursday pic...because I just don't feel like getting ready!

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  1. hahahah....not laughing at you just laughing at your line...'So, I'm punishing you.' - I love you Ky and you are working so hard and you ARE and WILL see results - you're amazing!!!!!!!