Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thick Thursday

I write today, totally stoked! :)

Weighed in this morning at 180!

For those of you following along...
That's a 10-pound loss since I started. (about 5 weeks ago)
A 4-pound loss since last Thursday.
But I went up a pound over the weekend.
So that's a 5-pound loss since Monday.
And I'm now only a pound away from my new goal of weighing in the 170's for the concert next week!

Clear as mud, right?!?

This week's picture, I'm rocking my workout gear because today also marks the start of the 30 Day Shred.

Arms:     14
Chest:     39
Waist:    41 {1/2" lost}
Hips:   41 1/2 {1/2" lost}
Thighs:   26

So, these are my starting specs for the start of my 30DS

I got back to running this morning after a week hiatus and it felt oh so good!
I was nervous though, because out of nowhere, yesterday my knee started really hurting me.
Sleeping last night was miserable!
I wasn't sure how running on it would be. It hurt some, but I made it through!
I desperately want to start the 30 Day Shred today, but I also don't want to overdo it on the knee.
I've taken Aleve and icing it as we "speak".

...till next time...

1 comment:

  1. You are killing it, Kyra!! I'm so happy for you... 10 pounds gone forever. Take it easy on your knee and jump into the Shred when you're well.

    Cheers to a great weekend! :)