Monday, May 13, 2013

Wonderful Weekend and a Winner!

Good Monday morning, my people!!
I am in a stellar mood!!
I think I'm still reeling from a really great Mother's Day yesterday!
Or just a really great weekend in general!

On Saturday, I woke up at 5:40 alarm!!
I got up and got my sweat sesh on with Ms Michaels.
I then proceeded to cuddle with my baby boy, foam roll, and get in 6 miles all before lunch time!

So, since I did all that, I sat and watched and took pictures of my boys getting our garden all set up for summertime!
I'm so excited!
This year we'll have Watermelon, Squash, Zucchini, Green Beans, Butter Beans, Banana Peppers and Tomatoes!

After naps and showers we got our redneck on for a 9-year-olds Duck Dynasty birthday party!!
I may or may not have participated in a doughnut eating contest in which I tied for the win by eating 4 doughnuts... #dietfail

Sunday morning, my baby boy was up bright and early at 5:30 am.
He must have wanted to spend EXTRA time awake with his mommy on Mother's Day!

I got my shred on and went to church with my guys!
(Where I won a little gift for being the youngest mother. You know it's mostly and older congregation when the youngest mother there is 30!!)

And oh yeah, I got my Mother's Day gift!
I've been talking about wanting a fire pit for at least a year now!
I love it! And it was absolutely perfect out yesterday to enjoy it and make s'mores!!

I took a much needed nap with my baby boy then got up and cleaned since the in-laws were coming for dinner.
My husband cooked us some steaks and potatoes and it was delicious!!
(So delicious, hungry girl didn't even think to take a picture to give props to my hubs!!)

I then got a sweet gift from my in-laws

I've been eying some Oragmai Owl for a few months now!
I was shocked to get one.
I've already started thinking about more charms I want to add to it!

The night was complete by sitting out by the fire, drinking a Summer Shandy and eating S'mores.
It was truly a perfect day.
Aside from all the crying!
I was extremely emotional yesterday.
I was so overcome with emotional joy of how blessed I truly feel to be this little guy's momma!
He's the best thing.
My world.
And I couldn't love him anymore than I already do.
I love being a mom.
Being his mom.
And I truly felt appreciated and know that I have the best "job" in the world.
There's nothing else I'd rather do!

Which reminds me....
Thank you to everyone who entered the Mother's Day Giveaway!
We have a winner, folks!!

Kristie P at PG Sisters!!!!!
I had to be sure to post pictures showing I didn't rig this!!!

Seeing as how I kind of called Kristie out in the initial post about the giveaway...comparing her to Mrs. Duggar.
Kristie is supermom to 4 sweet little kids!!
Well deserved!
Email me, Kristie, so we can figure out how we're gonna fit 19 kids on one pendant! ;)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!


  1. Yay!!! I can't believe it either! I'm glad you posted pictures so I could tell it wasn't rigged :) This is my first blog giveaway. The kids are
    M, K, C&C so we can share a birthstone for the twins if we need to. I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend and were able to be thankful for all you have, especially that cute boy! My husband just saw the Duggars on t.v. and likes to call me in to watch them b/c he says he wants to be like them--this momma's not carrying anymore children--I got a 6 week 6 pack to get!

  2. Oh my word how sweet for your in-laws to get that charm necklace! I love it!! It even has a little pink running shoe. How thoughtful!?!

  3. Aww looks like a fun weeked! And love the pink running shoe!

  4. So happy you had a wonderful mama's day - you deserve it!

  5. Royce is such a cutie! I bet he's going to have a lot of fun picking the beans in your garden this year! My cousin's kids are obsessed with helping in the garden!

    Happy belated Mother's Day!

  6. What a great day... Beautiful pics and I would of killed that donut eating contest:)

  7. It sounds like such a fun weekend mama! Is it me or did your hair get longer in just the few weeks since I've seen you? Are you growing it out? Lets race! ;) congrats to Kristie for winning the giveaway! Woohoo!

  8. You are so dedicated to the #4MChallenge - I think you are winning it! I am missing Jillian right now, but I'm sure I will be back to it soon enough. And I love how much you love being a mom....too sweet! Jealous of your garden, I wish we had the yard space to do that! Until then, I'll keep going to my farmer's markets that I love so much :)

    Have a great week Kyra!

  9. LOL!! I love the camo family picture!!