Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weighing Heavy

Yes, I am checking in on this Weigh In Wednesday.
But my weight is one thing that is NOT heavy....


I just scoured through my Instagram (@kbeavtann) and saw that Kimmy has updated us all that that sweet little girl she knew did not make it out of alive from the horrible tornado destruction that happened in Moore, OK.
Let's all continue to pray for the family of this sweet face.
And family's all over that area that are experiencing loss....of loved ones, houses....
There are so many ways we can donate and give back too.
Check out Kimmy's post on ways to help.
We are praying for you, OK!!

And weighing in a little less heavy today is my weight.
148 this morning!
I am feeling really good about how I look right now.
I feel like I can see the inches lost from the #4MChallenge.
I haven't taken actual measurements since May 1st, but I am loving the tone and lack of love handles I am seeing!
I just feel good about results I am seeing.
(I may or may not have text this pic to my husband yesterday) 

I downloaded a BMI calculator and bitch tells me I'm overweight.
Dag'on shortie!!
If I were 2 inches taller, I'd be on the higher end of "normal"

Now, before you tell me not to dwell on that, I'm not.
Sure, I'm going to bust my tail to get that into the "Normal" range.
But again, I feel awesome, so I'm going more on that!
I know there are areas that need more work and I will continue to work.

140 is my "happy weight" I think!
That would put me at 24.8 BMI.
And I'd be ok with that!

I think my personal ideal weight is 135, but I know that's a tough weight for me to maintain.
So we'll see where I go.

I'm now getting into that "I don't necessarily care about losing el bees. Now I want to tone and muscle up!" mindset!
I have some ideas of what I'm thinking about doing after the #4MChallenge.
JM 6 week 6 pack?!?!
I'm hearing a lot about CrossFit and it's definitely got my attention...
I'm totally intrigued by this whole Macros stuff that Elle and Kassie have been talking about.
I'm just cheap and don't want to spend the moulah.
But I'm also lazy and don't want to do the research myself! ;)
So, just toying with some ideas of where to go next!
I'll keep you posted!


  1. Nicely done! I'm so glad you're seeing a diff with the 4Mchallenge workouts!

    Also, same height! Fist bump! And same goal weight! Double fist bump! :)

  2. Ahh what is macros??
    I think you look great!! Are you still gonna be close the end of June?

  3. love that pic you sent to your hubby! You're toning up :) I did a lil research on macros myself and realized I just can't eat a ton of carbs, fast food or diet soda which is obvi a no brainer so I'm only partaking in a brewski every other week and eating healthy while lifting heavy at the gym. You're welcome, you don't have to pay me for that. bahahah