Thursday, May 9, 2013

Now accepting Half Mary recommendations

I feel like it should be Friday.
But alas it's just Thursday.
I know you all have seen this ecard one hundred ninety-seven bazillion times, but it cracks me up every.single.time I see it!

All the cool kids are linking up with Holly and Jake today.
I just can't do it. peoples come up with some great answers and I feel like I can't think of how I'd finish one of the sentences let alone be witty with it.
(And now some old school Will Smith be stuck in my head...nah nah nah nah nah-nah nah...gettin' WITTY wid it!)

So, instead, I am now calling on your expertise!
I want/need to do another half this year.
I mean, 2013 is the year of the Half

I am a diva, so here are my stipulations:

I don't want to run it by myself. (Or let's be honest....I just want to run it with at least one of or all of my fave bloggers!)
I want a fun one with a lot of exciting components/experiences/opportunities.
And I want it to be flatter than Kelly Ripa's chest.
- Limited effing hills! (I prefer no hills at all, but that's just not entirely realistic!)
I'd prefer the Half to be before November of this year. (but by the end of the year FOR SURE!!)

I realize that in order to possibly run one with any of you ladies that would require travel and if I'm looking for a bigger-scale race than that is all gonna up the price.
So, while, I don't want to drop a lot of dolla dolla bills, I'm prepared that that might be part of the deal.

I already can't do the one in September in Indiana that EVERYONE is doing. :(

PG Sisters mentioned the Nike Women's Half in San Fran (October 20th). - This would probably be hilly as F, but possibly worth it for the Tiffany necklace...

Mel mentioned the GO! Halloween Half in STL on October 13th. And, #stalker, I saw she has the Rock N Roll Half  in STL on her "race calendar" for October 27th. - I have seriously always wanted to visit St. Louis and since that seems to be the place that all the awesome blog ladies congregate and, count me in!!

There is one in Richmond, VA on November 16th. - This is close to me, so for any of you that would want to travel... ;)

There's also one in Hershey, PA on October 20th - This is close to my hometown back in PA. Again, for any of you that would travel AND get to smell chocolate while you run!

So, send me your ideas, kids!!

And don't forget about the Mother's Day Giveaway going on from now until Saturday!


  1. Kara is doing one in Indy in November I believe but not sure what it's all about. The San Fran one is probably not going to happen for us until next year, I have to give my Mom time to buy us all plane tickets--bahahah

  2. I'm doing both those stl races, please come!!!!!!

    I' look into the one near you in November

  3. You should totally do the Halloween one in St Louis! That is going to be so much fun to dress up and run!!

  4. I will not be joining you in this quest for a half. Y'all people cray cray! :-P

  5. I am just itching to run with some blogging buddies! Come down South- we don't have no hills! hahahaha