Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's get back to Running, Shall we?!?

I. Am. Tired. Y'all!
Now hold on...Don't even go there!
I know the pregnancy bug has been going around, but it has not hit this girl!
I'm not entirely sure why I'm so gosh darn tired.

Sure, I've been getting up at 6am every single morning.
But I've been going to bed at 10pm.
I've been working out like a haus but isn't that supposed to give you more energy?
Meh! I guess some days we're just more tired than others.

Let's move on, shall we?!?

I haven't blogged about running in quite some time.
I've still been running.
I just haven't been running well.

I was really starting to pride myself in an average sub 9 minute mile.
And then I came to the realization that the My Fitness Pal app I have been using is pretty inaccurate.

So I switched and tried Run Keeper and Nike +
I would run both of these apps simultaneously and they were tit for tat as far as distance and pace goes.
I asked for your advice on IG and Nike + won out by like one vote.

So I've been using Nike + as of late.

(P.S. I want to add more of you!! My only friend on the app is Miss Sparklin One and I want more friends!! It totally motivates me when it shows me that "my friend" has worked out. Gets my butt up and running! So tell me how to find you or look for me "KyraTanner")

Anyway, I was pretty devastated to learn that I wasn't as fast as I thought I was.

 Remember...I was consistently getting under 9 minutes per mile no matter what distance I ran on MapMyRun

I was constantly comparing my time to anyone that was faster.
I wrote this post about how I wanted to beat all these people in my next race.
My arrogance was taking over.
And slowing me down.

I'm a very competitive person.
I am constantly trying to be faster...
Trying to beat my previous times.
And that's OK.
It's OK to push myself to be better and better each time.
It's OK to make goals and strive to achieve them.

It's not OK when that competitiveness starts getting out of hand.
When I start comparing running others.
When I want to beat this person or that person's time.
When I see a faster time of someone else and get mad or upset or bummed that I didn't go that fast on a certain day.

I am here today to tell you, I am working on that pride and competitiveness when it comes to comparing myself to others.
My time compared to your time does not define me.

What defines me is my effort to push myself further and faster and harder because that's only helping to mold and create a better ME.

I'm not gonna lie and say this will be easy.
I will constantly have to remind myself that my progress is my progress and is not measured by anyone else's progress.
I've compared myself to others my whole life.
I've never felt like I was good enough.
Always thinking if I were skinnier, prettier, richer, faster, stronger, more popular, funnier...the list goes on...
then I would have finally made it in life.

Guess what?!?!
I have made it in life.
Because I am Me.

Wow, that was pretty deep for someone so exhausted!! 

I've already started adopting this attitude and I had a great run on Tuesday!

This is 6 seconds slower than my fastest 5k time!
I was stoked because I felt like the speed training and cross training I've been doing this month are actually working!!
On my training schedule for this month I've set up Tuesday's to run 3.1 miles (5K) at pace (meaning the pace I would like to run in an actual race).
And Thursday's are set up to be Speed Work.

Today, I am excited to try Yasso 800's in which Elle Noel so kindly explained in this post the other day!
My goal marathon time is 4 hours as well, so I will be running a half mile (800 meters) in 4 minutes, followed by a slow jog for 4 minutes and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.

Now, allow me to brag on my husband for a hot minute.
He's been walking fairly regularly and last night about 8:30pm he decided he was gonna go out for a brisk walk/jog.
He came back after 2 miles and this pace...
I was pretty amazed and proud of him!
That's a great pace for someone who kind of "just started" running!

Here's to a fabulous day, folks!


  1. Girl you are curisingggg!!! I have to remind myself that it's ok to move slower some days. Not training for a race there's no reason to over exert! I've been uncharacteristically tired this week too. WTH?! It is what it is I guess! Happy Thrusday pretty lady!

  2. Yay for your hubs! Mine started running too and I'm so proud of him!
    I need to do more speed training. I have been working on just adding distance for awhile, and have kind of neglected the speed work. I should start it up again.
    Also, I am always tired, no matter what I do or how much sleep I get!

  3. I can so identify with this post! I get so defeated when I read about other blogger's much faster paces. I have to remind myself that I was NEVER a runner, so there's no reason to expect that I'll be a great runner now. Some people just aren't built for that. All I can do is just try to keep improving. And start up on some speed work!

  4. You're fast girl! I didn't know you were doing a full marathon too! So glad you're happy being you because I think you're one sweet chick :)

  5. Seriously those are still amazing paces!!! And I've been using the Nike app for a few years now and love it. You are so freakin awesome. ; )

  6. Girl you are a superstar runner! And your hubs time...well I have to concentrate to get that pace on any given run! Way to go Tanners!! (OMG - that just made me think of Full House....please tell me your husband's name is Danny!!!)

  7. I am just now catching up on blogs (yours being one of my favs) I just want to say THANK-YOU! I am so glad that I have you on nike+, I am not gonna lie, at first it pissed me off, lol but only because you made me not talk myself out of sleeping in or skipping an extra mile. I love checking my nike+ and seeing you ahead of me......"I be llke, awe hell no she dident" and out the door I go! Now if I could only match that pace of yours! Love ya speedy!