Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend What's Up!

Another weekend logged in the books!

I am guilty of wishing time away, y'all...
In less than 2 weeks, I'll be back up in PA again!
I can't wait to see a TON of my favorite people, but more specifically, my nieces!!
The only thing better than being a mommy is being an auntie!! :)
Ignore the freak on the right...isn't my niece, Camdyn, gorgeous?!?!

Sweet, sweet baby Claire

And this little cutie, I haven't seen since the first weekend in March. 
              :( #sademoticon
And when I do see her in 2 weeks, she'll officially be 11 months.
              :( :(  #doublesademoticon
Almost a year old!!!
(Make sure y'all are following my super creative sister's blog cos with a Panda-themed first birthday party, there's sure to be a post about all things DIY panda decor!!)

Anywho...back to the weekend that was...
Friday evening we went to my husband's little cousin's (as well as some other sweet little 4 and 5 year-olds that are in our life!!) Pre-K graduation.
I, however, took no pictures because my 20 month old had me chasing him around in the back!

Saturday morning, I woke up, did the 30 Day Shred and then woke my boys up.
We headed down to the trail that is seriously like 2 minutes by our house where the local hospital had organized a 5k.
It was a free event (just bring items to donate to the food pantry) and they organized it to promote healthy living.
I loved the idea...a free 5k to get people out there!
There was a very small crowd and it was a very low key event, but I think they have potential to grow it into something!

I actually finished 5th!
Since it was so informal, and since a lot of us depend on our GPS through our phones, when I finished it said it was only 2.91 miles. Oh well!! At least we all got out there and got active!

My husband ran it and pushed Royce too and he finished 8th! I was quite proud of him (them)!

After the race, we went to the spring fest our little town was having then spent the rest of the day hanging out!
It was a nice little day with my nice little family!

Sunday, I woke up, shredded, then wrote on diapers.
We were throwing a dear friend a baby shower and her baby-on-the-way has some medical issues.
So they have a long road ahead of them when the sweet little boy finally arrives, and my friend has hung tight to God's word to get her through all of these unknowns.
So, my sister-in-law and I looked up some verses/words of encouragement to write on the diapers so it's like a little pick-me-up when you least expect it!! :)

Then, we went to church.
Is it sad that I got more out of watching a church service on TV than I have out of the last couple of churches I've visited this past month?!?
Well, I did...
And it was so cute to see Royce clapping and swaying to the worship songs.
In his diaper.
While da-da and ma-ma laid on the couches in their PJs.
Don't judge us.

Then it was time to get ready for the shower.
I didn't take any pictures at the shower, but we decorated it up nice, y'all! ;)
And she got lots of stuff!
And speaking of stuff...I totally STUFFED my face!!

And because I only ran not even 3 miles on Saturday I had planned to run some time on Sunday.
But when I got home, the couch was calling my name.
So I didn't run.
And then I read this status on Facebook
Slap in the face!

Oh well!! It was a great little weekend!!

Make it a great Monday!!


  1. It sounds like an awesome weekend! What a fun 5k- congrats on being 5th!! So sad for your friend but hopefully with prayer it will mend that baby right up! I live the idea of church from your couch. I really need to get back to it...

  2. Fun weekend! At least you ran Saturday!

  3. You look great! I love that dress :)
    At least you ran on Saturday, that's way better than me! I love the idea of a free 5k, I wish they would do something like that by me. I would totally give it a try...
    Those diapers are great, they are sure to lift your friend's spirits. What a wonderful idea :)

  4. I love how active you guys are in community events! The 5K and spring fest sound like they were a lot of fun and kudos to you guys for getting church in at home. On weeks when we skip, we just go out to breakfast--don't even try to make it up! :)

  5. What an awesome run. You killed it!!
    I also love the messages on the diapers. It's so sweet and uplifting. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. Having been a momma to be with a baby we knew had medical issues, I know how much it means. Every little gesture reminds you you're surrounded by love when you need it the most.
    Also, glad we're not the only ones getting frustrated with not getting much out of church lately. Thanks for the TV reminder. We haven't done it in awhile, but messages have always been good, we'll have to do it again. Who do you watch?

  6. 5th and 8th? That is awesome! Your nieces are beautiful. My sister is having twin girls soon, and I cannot wait to be an aunt!

    The Grass Skirt

  7. I always see that little phrase on the I Love to Run Facebook page. It happens to usually be on my rest day too or a day off from running. Go figure.

    You look adorable in that dress!!

  8. I can't speak towards being a mom, but being an Aunt is AWESOME! I can't wait to squeeze all 19 of Kristie's kids this weekend :)

    You had a fitness on fire weekend! Great job! I am mostly back to normal and diving right in to some JM tonight. You have definitely been keeping the 4MChallenge afloat!! Way to go!