Thursday, February 7, 2013

Complete and Utter Randomness

Ok, Hookers!!
Consider this your warning that I am going to be all over the place today...


I have seen the moving image thingies on some of y'alls posts and I HAVE to know where you find them!!
Especially since most of the ones I see are Real Housewives/Bravo.

So who shares to care?!?


Yesterday morning I could not get warm.
So I went to turn the heat up and saw it said the heat was set to 68 but it was only 64 in the house.
So, I did what any responsible woman would do and sent a picture of the thermostat to my husband so he could tell me what to do or take care of it!
(Has anyone else lost all independence in regards to fixing anything when they got married?!? Who am I?)
Needless to say we are out of oil.
Hubs called the oil company for them to fill our tank.
(But only so many gallons cos that shit be expansive....yeah, so expensive I have to spell it with an "a"! And cos Phil didn't see his shadow so spring BETTER be coming ASAP or I know a certain groundhog that won't be seeing much of anything...)
We know someone at the oil company so they said we'd be on the list to get some oil...yesterday.
Guess who had to run to Wal-Mart last night to get the little man some fleece-footed pj's and a space heater last night?
And guess who's writing this post in thermal underwear, sweatpants and 3 layers of shirts?!?
Bitches better bring the oil today...


 Check out this super cute Ariel snow globe my SIL got me for my birthday!
Do I care that I turned 30 years old and got a Little Mermaid snow globe?!?
Hell to the no!
Little Mermaid is the shit, yo!


Yesterday was a 5 mile pace run.
(which basically means "run run as fast as you can...")
My average pace per mile never even ventured into the 9's.
(8:58 was the highest average to be exact)
I am not meaning to brag to be annoying and all "Look at me! Look at me!"
I am simply bragging because the senior in high school that jogged the whole mile in the physical fitness tests and completed it in 12+ minutes never EVER thought she'd see the day her miles were run in 8/9 minute miles....and more than 10 years later (aka more than 10 years OLDER!)
It's a huge, personal accomplishment for me!


And, I don't know how some of you do this blogging world!!
I am super behind on reading posts from being gone all weekend.
And when I go into the office on Tuesdays I really don't get a chance to read blogs or get on Instagram like at all! (GASP!!!! Say it ain't so!!)
And that REALLY puts me behind.
And now I'm gonna be going into the office 2 days a week.
I work 30 hours a week, about half of them being in the office.
I can't keep up on my reading.
And I sure as hell can't keep up on my DVR!
35% available?!? 
Now granted, we have 90 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse saved on here.
But on a good day, there's typically 65-70% of free space.
This probably all sounds a bit ridic...
But I'm honestly curious about how some of y'all do it!!


  1. First off, congrats on the run!!! That is amazing!!
    Also, sometimes I do t know how these bloggers do it all! I feel like it's a job sometimes to stay caught up!! I tried to stay on top but dang, if you fall behind one day you might as well plan on reading the whole night!!

  2. Keeping up with blogs is DEFINITELY tough. There are just so many bloggers that I want to follow and I honestly want to read about what they're doing, but dang, SO MUCH CONTENT! This is why I never even tried to get into Keek. I've got my hands full with blogs and IG! Lawdy lawdy!

  3. I feel ya on keeping up with the blogs, I don't even have a list of ones I follow, I just jump around and around...makes my head spin some days but it's always a great pick me up when I'm about to eat a cookie with the kids!!

  4. Wow great run busy lady! Great pace!

  5. woohoo, love your blog!!

    Uh , girl. BRAG please. That's a GREAT 5 miler. Seriously!