Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It's Tuesday so I'm in the office!
(Mel, I don't get your hatred for Tuesday...It's probably my favorite day...after Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, of course!)
I did a post about a month ago talking about how the only time I really shower and put myself together is when I go in to the office.

So, I've been taking the ever-so-not-so-clever mirror pics of my #OOTgo into the officceD over the past month.

For your veiwing pleaseure:
(Yes, get excited!!) 
Obsessed with lace!

New shoes...$9.00 at Target

Love this silk shirt dress from VS
The details for shirt dress outfit above! ;)

Channeling Vday

Slightly obsessed with peplum

Channeling Spring-time

Feeling casual in my purple pants!

Now, if that's not a shit-ton of shameless selfies, I don't know what is!

And lastly, this made me so happy so I had to share...

Now, off to work to be Gone with the wind, FABULOUS!


  1. Looking fab in them all!! Happy Tuesday! ....mine is off to a rough start....fell down the steps, spilt my coffee on me.....lets hope it gets much better!

  2. I totally do this too. I rarely dress normal (yoga pants all the way!) so I take pics when I am in regular wear. I love the gray sweater in your last pic, where is it from?
    Lastly, you are so super cute- love all the looks!!

  3. HAHAHAHA.... Man I know some people love this dreaded day. LOL.... Love the peplum too - you look adorbs.

  4. Love the lace, love the peplum - you are so dang adorable! TWIRL!!

  5. I'm in love with that silk shirt dress and that blue skinny belt and the floral dress! = ) Looking so great!