Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Hookers!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, sexy laydeeeees!!

Happy Valentine's day (and hearts and kisses and shit!)

The hubs and I don't really celebrate Vday too much.
We usually just give little gifts and make a special meal.

On tonight's menu...
I'm trying this Crockpot French Onion Soup and the hubs wanted to make Chicken Parmesan.
(Mine, of course on a bed of spaghetti squash cos I'm so cool like that!)
And probably some festive red, pink, and white pudding parfaits
Classy and shit
And, of course, to keep with all the fancy, I'll be drinking my wine in a can from Miss Marcia!

I got the hubs a ticket to see Florida Georgia Line with Luke Bryan!
(Cos the hubs got me my ticket for my birthday....but I'm 100% primarily interested in that sex-on-a-stick that is Luke Bryan!!)

And he got me a 24-count box of Sport Beans!
(Which I am honestly and truthfully totes excited about!!)
And can't forget my "box of chocolates" from the hubs! ;) 
Cute, right?!?!

To know me is to know I love a theme.
You give me a holiday and I'll take their colors and shapes and run with it!
Baby boy's breakfast!

Work day attire on Tuesday
Accessories ARE a girl's best friend!

What I'm wearing TODAY:

My totally handsome, daytime date:
"I'm a lover not a fighter"
We're going to pass out cupcakes to my coworkers.
These are so cute and of course I found them on Pinterest!

"cute" little creation I gave to the hubs with some of the cut-out cake hearts
He said yes! ;)

Sending loads of Smoocheroo's your way, lovelies!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful people!!


  1. Oh my gosh, you are so cute! And that little boy is so adorable! Can he please be Zoey's boyfriend? :)

  2. There is way too much cute in this post. Your outfit, the cupcakes, the baby boy, that love note from your husband...stop it! I can't take it! :)

  3. Those parfait deals look amazing! LOVED your outfit Tuesday! Uber cute :) Happy Valentine's day lady!

  4. I die - the kisses pictures! SO creative. And your outfits are super cute! Happy love day bestie!

  5. How cute is all of this! I love the nails, outfits and accessories....super de duper cute and the kisses over your boy...might have to steal that one :)

  6. So cute, love the kisses!! I love your festive outfits and the parfaits look so good!

  7. You are too cute, Kyra! Love the parfaits! Love hub's box of chocolate for you! Love your outfit and pumps! And love your breakfast for little man and kisses on his face! That's a lotta love! Happy (late) V day!