Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Runs

So, apparently some of y'all did the make it rain dance with me!

My gracious and generous people gifted me some money for my birthday so I signed up for some races and got some running gear!!!

Here's the races on my calendar for 2013 thus far!!

1. Chambersburg Half Marathon (Mar.9) - This is the one I've been training for and I'm stoked and nervous all at the same time!!

 2. Monument 10K  (Apr.13) - This race is so big you have to sign up for which wave you want to run in. And if it's a wave under 62 minutes you have to prove, with a previous race time, that you can do it in the time frame you sign up for. I signed up for the 58:00 - 58:59 wave. I used my 5k time in November of 28:29. I'm honestly shooting for under 55 minutes. I just ran 5 miles in an 8:54 min average pace, so for this 10k, I want all of my miles to be 9 minutes or under. After the half in March, I'll tweak my training plan to work towards this. (more on that later, I'm sure!)

3. Richmond Color Me Rad 5K  (Apr.20) - This is for pure fun! I am doing this with 3 of my girlfriends and they said they'd do it only if I promised to walk it! ha ha! I'm also now thinking of taking my son for this one too thanks to Ashleigh posting pics on IG of her and her husband with their 2 boys after the race.

4. Race Against Poverty 5K  (June.7) - My good friend organizes this race back home and I've been wanting to do it for a few years now. I'm hoping to PR in this 5k (Current PR is 28:29 and I know I've done faster on my own since then)

5. Richmond Color Run 5K (Sept.14) - Totally stoked for this one! My cousin, Sarah is running it with me and she wants to run the whole thing, so my goal is to encourage and push her for this race!

I also got some compression pants courtesy of my dad and from my in-laws so I'm totally stoked!
I now have 3 compression capris and 2 compression pants!!

And I totally bought this hydration belt!
First time I used it, I apparently had it down to low, so my gut pushed it down and my thunder thighs knocked the water bottles out. I ended up throwing it on the ground on a spot that I knew I'd pass back by.
So the next day I put it up higher, like right under my boobicles. (Cos I knew it'd be safe there...my itty bitties wouldn't pose any danger of hitting it!!) And it worked perfectly! So I love it now!

We filed our taxes and with that money I definitely will be buying 1 or 2 Ruffles with Love
workout tanks. (Does anyone know if they still offer a discount on Mama L readers?!?!)
and some Bic Bands.
And then I'm pretty set on my running gear for now!

I'm sure I've bored you up to this point, but I just want to share this:

I couldn't go for my 3 miles on Thursday due to rain, so Friday I decided to go out there and run 1 mile as fast as I could! 8:17 is the number that popped in my head for wanting to get so I was shocked to see 7:42!!
I was breathing pretty hard when this was done and all I could think was "How in the world do people run 5k's, 10k's and half mary's at this pace?!?"
Anyway, I want to incorporate more stuff like this...hoping to increase my speed!

And then my long run on Saturday!
I was shooting for a 9:30 average pace, but one out of the 2 times that I stopped to walk/refuel took longer cos homegirl was sweatin! and had to take my jacket off so that ate up some time.
Still proud nonetheless!

I'm trying to work on not just posting about running.
But I was too excited about all this, so I had to!!
I'll try to switch it up every now and then for you bishes!

Happy Day!!!


  1. Your pace is really rocking. I'm so jealous! I have to work on that, my first mile always slows my average down, maybe the fact I just got out of bed and it is 4:30 am has something to do about it. You inspire me. I love you write about running!

  2. Where did you get the compression capris from? And if you find a mama Laughlin code let me know!!

    You should be proud of running like that! I remember the beginning of your blog that you didn't run much, and look at you now!

  3. Yay, so so excited for you!!! Glad you got some benjamins. Yes, enter MAMA15 at checkout to save 15%. = )

  4. OK, your comment of your thighs knocking your water bottles out just cracked me up! The visual... ha! ... but dont feel bad, I use my spibelt up around my rib cage too... I tried on my hips and it just rode right up... And awesome job at your 11 mile run! I am going for 10 Saturday... hope I can keep a 9:30ish pace on it like you!

  5. You are smokin' fast!! I hope I can someday get close to your pace. I like it that you post about running so I hope you still do it sometimes. =)

  6. I laughed out loud at your running belt "moment". Glad you got it situated, ha!

    AWESOME runs! You are my running unicorn :)

  7. You. Freaking. Rock! All those races! (And I'll be joining you on the Race Against Poverty one :) In your words..."totes" exciting! :) hehe