Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday Wish List

OMG!! Would this girl shut up about her birthday already?!?!?!?

Is it sad if I want all my family and friends and people I don't even know to make it rain on me for my birthday?
I'm talking dolla dolla bills, y'all!!
And purely just for the fact that I want to sign up for some races and buy more running gear ...that's where the "is it sad...?" part comes in.

On second thought, that question is totally rhetorical.
No need to answer!

It's totally true, though!!
I've started compiling a list of races I want to do this year and so far, if I ran them all that alone would cost me $275 dollars.
Here's the list thus far:
1. Richmond Love Rox 10K   (Feb.16)
2. Chambersburg Half Marathon (Mar.9) or VA Beach Shamrock Half Marathon (Mar.17)
3. Monument 10K  (Apr.13)
4. Richmond Color Me Rad 5K  (Apr.20)
5. Race Against Poverty 5K  (June.7)
6. Richmond Color Run 5K (Sept.14) - this one's already paid for Hollerrrrr!
7. Hershey Half Marathon  (Oct.20)

And not to mention some sweet new running gear and accessories I've been obsessively coveting!
Here's just a "few"...   
  I love both of these shirts from Ruffles with Love

  Bic Bands are a must!

I need more compression pants in my life!!
These are both from Old Navy
their relatively cheap and I've heard good things about them.
Whatever compression pants are clever...I'm in!
A water hip belt. Cos lezzzzzzbehonest, I'm a water whore when I run.

And I'm gonna need some new running shoes sooner than later
Ain't nobody got time for injuries with inadequate running shoes!

So there you have it, folks...
Care to join me in a little money rain dance?!?


  1. HA HA HA. I need some new running tanks for when Spring arrives...

  2. You jnowninlove compression pants and I'm in love with that yellow tank. Do you remember how much it was? Yeah it definitely adds up but at least the money goes to a food cause and it's good for your health. : )

  3. I totally just played stalker and read your whole blog. You are awesome and lost 30 lbs!!! Incredible!! Love reading girl, glad I got caught up!