Thursday, December 27, 2012

Screw Thick Thursday!

I have lost complete track of my days since Sunday!

Last time I stepped on the scale was Christmas morning and it read 166 (1 pound difference from last Thursday and truth be told, I don't care to know my weight today!

I've been reading through all the blogs I follow and everyone has the same story.
...ate way too much, but back on track now!
Well, I'm totally on the food train, but I missed the back on track train and don't think I'll be boarding anytime soon!

I don't have the motivation....and it's because I feel so lazy from eating so much shit!
Since we hosted all the Christmas shindigs at our house, we also have all the leftovers.
See, when I go grocery shopping I don't get any of the crap.
Cos if it's not here, I don't eat it!

But because it is here....and here in abundance....I CAN'T STOP EATING!!

How about some good news, I got my run in yesterday!
And then came home and ate about 5-7 cookies!


And I can't even lie....I probably won't board the "back on track" train till after New Years.
I'll continue to train for the half, so I'll still be running, but the shit show that is my eating...I can't make any promises!

I am, however, proud of you ladies that are getting back to it!
May your blogposts bitch slap me to pull the reigns on my horrible eating habits sooner rather than later!
...cos homegirl's got a 30th birthday coming next month and needs to be more 30 and Flirty and less Holiday Hefer!

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  1. HAHAHA! I love your Thick Thursday posts! I am in the same boat! Tis the season for baking and because I don't have an office to go to or a husband who likes cookies, I eat them myself! Motivation will come again soon! Don't be hard on yourself :) Enjoy the holidays and know you're not alone on the food train ;)